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Advisory on Sigma Lenses on Canon Bodies

We have recently seen a re-emergence of an issue that was first addressed in 2016 when the Canon 1dx II came out.

This glitch is caused when Peripheral Illumination Correction is enabled when using the camera with (predominantly) Sigma lenses – however we have also seen reports of it appearing when using some Tamron lenses.


This is a major frustration to people who have spent huge amounts of money on Sigma Global Vision lenses, and a sign that once again Canon and Sigma aren’t playing nice to each other (it is well reported that Sigma doesn’t pay royalties to Canon for use of the Canon mounts.)
There is a fix however, and it’s very simple, but will come as an annoyance to photographers who shoot in JPG. To correct the glitch, do the following:
1. Navigate to red menu 1 and locate 'Lens Aberration Correction'
2. Turn Peripheral illum corr to OFF
It seems Sigma have tried to fix the issue with the firmware upgrades on their lenses. However recent Canon firmware upgrades are seeming to bring the problem back on some Sigma lenses.
We are doing firmware upgrades on the Sigma Global Vision line of lenses for £15, saving customers from buying the Sigma dock from retailers.