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Canon Error Code 20 Part II

Of all of the blog posts we have ever submitted, the most popular and one which we get asked about more than any other, is the ‘Canon Error 20’ blog.

This blog has invoked interest from far and wide and we regularly get enquires on live chat from the USA, Canada, Germany and even as far away as India and Australia, regarding the resolution to this problem.

What is the Canon Error 20 code?

So, for those who are unaware, Error 20 is specific to Canon DSLR models and the fault refers to a problem with either the mirror, or shutter unit. In virtually all cases this fault could not be cleared and is shutter related as a failure.

The Solution

A new shutter block / unit, is required.

Unless you are using a middle to high end model, this could be uneconomical to repair. One of our staff members recently experienced this problem on his Full Frame Canon Eos 6D, which rendered his camera unusable, the cost of repair at ‘trade price’ was £400, including VAT for parts and fitting.

How long / how many cycles / actuations should my shutter work for and is there any way I can check the shutter count?

Lower spec EOS models can be expected to run for a minimum of 125,000 actuations, whilst middle to high end models, should see in excess of 250,000. However, like modern car engines, it is often possible to exceed this number by a considerable margin.

How to check your shutter count.

One of our favourite is Shuttercount, available as a downloadable app from for mac or IOS. Or is you just want to check this occasionally, you can upload the most recent image to which will give you a shutter count and will not require you to load any software.