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Care Needed When Updating Firmware

One of the services we offer is updating your camera or lens firmware.

As you probably know camera and lens manufactures (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Fuji etc.) regularly update firmware not only to improve cameras but also to fix software bugs and glitches.


Firmware updates should always be carried out, however the process of finding the latest updates and then physically updating the firmware can be somewhat of a headache – luckily we have collectively been updating firmware for over 15 years!


Despite manufacture’s best intentions, problems do arise. For example, we recently had an incident when we were updating the firmware on a Canon EOS 5D III, something we undertake daily. For one of two reasons the firmware procedure became stuck in a continuous loupe due to a corrupt firmware file or card incompatibility. This would no doubt have resulted in a ’bricked’ camera in most scenarios but there is a solution:


  1. Switch off camera and extract battery & leaving camera to reset for a period of 2 minutes or so.


  1. Switch on camera whilst holding down the menu button - resulting in the camera re-booting to the previous firmware version.


Like both Canon and Nikon, Sigma and Tamron are very pro-active in updating lens firmware (however these updates are delivered in a slightly different way to Canon and Nikon and can only be updated via the respective docks.) The firmware is read directly from the manufacture’s server through the dock, meaning when updating firmware it is imperative to have a stable internet connection and to insure that all cabling is secure. Any interruption in the update could result in not only a ‘bricked’ lens but also damage to internal circuits resulting in a possibly costly repair / replacement of components.


You also have to take extra care when using 3rd party equipment when upgrading firmware, be it lenses or remote triggers for example - you don’t want sudden incompatibility on vital equipment! There are problems with both Sigma and Tamron lenses when having lens correction enabled after certain firmware upgrades on certain cameras. Sigma have tried to fix this with firmware upgrades to their own lenses, but the problem keeps re-occurring after firmware updates for the Canon bodies. We go into further detail in this article.


BLOG - Firmware Updates Causing Problems


We offer firmware upgrades for both bodies and lenses when available, and have a vast bank of past firmware upgrades if your 3rd party equipment does suddenly have incompatibility issues after upgrading to the latest firmware version. However, it is not always possible to download a previous version of firmware onto the device, but where we can we will.



Camera and Lens Firmware Update Service