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The End Of Lockdown Is In Sight - Get Ready!

We all feel Spring has started. There's still a wait for restrictions to be lifted but it won't be long now. So make sure you are ready. Treat your camera to an annual service clean. It is so much more than a sensor clean!
Photographic equipment has probably been mothballed for the last heaven knows how many months now. Our service is similar to detailing a car. Since the launch of this new service we have already seen a lot of heavily used cameras returned fabulously clean. Cleaning all those tiny nooks and crannies where dirt, sand and grime collects through normal handling. 

We thought it was about time we showed you some of the cameras we receive!

Getting around switches where a simple wipe just doesn't cut it:

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It includes our market leading sensor clean and whilst in the cavity of your camera we clean the whole chamber, mirrobox (if a DSLR), the viewfinder and eyepiece. The focussing screen is clean but not extracted. Once cleaned it is inspected to check for any wear or mechanical malfunction. If repairs are recommended you will be contacted first for approval. 



As part of the annual camera service we also update the camera firmware (if required) . Just because we the general public have been preoccupied with staying indoors that doesn’t mean the camera manufacturers have been idle. There have been lots of firmware updates  issued so let us check and perform this for you. We also check the cameras shutter count and if you have a Canon LP-E6 battery we'll even configure that for you too.

Once cleaned we also check for any mechanical malfunction and finally configure the camera for your specific genre be it landscapes, wildlife, sports, portraiture. So we can return your camera to you clean, inside and out, up to date and configured in readiness for your next photographic adventure .

So if you are planning a photographic adventure or thinking about upgrading your camera and want to get the best second hand price for it, this could be just the service for you! A recent customer not only had his camera cleaned and configured for wildlife but also his lenses calibrated for a trip to Costa Rica to photograph the........Keel-billed Toucan, or was it the Resplendent Quetzal ?

Humming bird by Trevor Platt

Many thanks to Trevor for this fabulous image! This year maybe I'll get there!