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Nikon D750 Recall - Problems go further than a faulty shutter!

Most people in the photographic industry know about the Nikon D750 recall and the problems with the shutter but dig a little deeper and the problem is more complex.

As such we always ensure we check the equipment thoroughly before undertaking a calibration of their equipment, this helps us identify any potential problems which may affect normal operation or importantly cause problems with the calibration process.

These checks include:

  • AF settings and auto focus to ensure all is working as it should (camera and lenses)
  • USB connectivity and that communication can be undertaken between camera / software and laptop. (It is surprising how many USB communication errors we see).
  • Exposure settings
  • Camera menu settings (again an important factor as certain settings can affect the calibration process).
  • CF card slots (where applicable) for bent or damaged pins.
  • Lenses checked and cleaned externally if required.


In addition we also check camera settings (AF, Exposure, Menu and Customs setting) and advise and if required and requested make suitable changes according to the client photographic genre. As a matter of course, we always check the camera’s sensor for signs of contamination and again advise accordingly.  In essence, your equipment is given a full health check.


Why mention this?

Well as a part of our policy of unrivalled service we occasionally see problems that clients are not aware of. Recently we have had quite a few clients send in Nikon D750’s for calibration which have exhibited problems that indicate the need for a replacement shutter as described in Nikon’s recall advisory.

(Note there have been three separate advisories related to the shutter fault on the D750, the last having been posted on Nikon’s website on 12/07/17).

Although the advisory stipulates that certain camera models may be affected by the problem of possible shading of parts of the image, we have found other problems caused by the faulty shutter units, problems that may not be immediately obvious but can never the less cause problems and confusion with regards this issue.


The problem is as follows.

When the shutter is fired from cold (this affects the first image taken from the camera having been switched on) the shutter / mirror locks up and an ERR code is displayed on the camera’s top LCD panel. The camera will stay in this locked position until the shutter is depressed a second time in which case the shutter will close and the mirror returns to the down position.

Nikon D750 Recall Error Code

For more information on this error code watch this video

This problem can as mentioned cause considerable confusion as it can give the impression that the camera has entered a timed exposure (as mentioned the shutter / mirror will stay locked until released).

Nikon have issued three separate recall advisories on the Nikon D750’s and even if the camera is outside of the normal warranty will be covered and corrected free of charge.

In order to check that your Nikon D750 may or not be affected by the recall click on the following link and where prompted type in the camera’s serial number. An indication will then be given as to whether your camera is affected and if so instructions given as to how your camera can be returned for repair.

Nikon D750 Recall - serial number


Nikon D750 Support (update 12/7/2017)

As mentioned we have had quite a few instances where we have seen this problem and have returned problem models to Nikon on our clients behalf. This has of course led to a considerable delay to our swift turnaround times.

For clients who need their equipment calibrated and returned quickly we advise that any calibration adjustments applied will more than likely be undone or changed during the process of the repair and as such have to be undertaken again once returned.