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At Last - Nikon AF Fine Tune Catches Up

Finally Nikon Take Steps To Address AF Fine Tune. New “Little Known” but welcome feature added to Nikon’s D780  AF Fine Tune menu. Nikon have now added the ability to calibrate for both Wide and Telephoto focal lengths in the AF Fine Tune menu on the new Nikon D780. Here at Cameracal we have always puzzled as to Nikon’s lack of judgement with regards there in camera AF FINE TUNE capabilities with regards calibrating lenses to their range of DSLR camera’s. Lack of judgment in the respect that they have only ever allowed for ONE AF FINE TUNE value to added to the camera regardless of whether a prime or a zoom where used. This has meant that is a zoom such an AF-S 24-70mm F2.8 is used it is only possible to calibrate for EITHER the W 24mm end OR T 70mm end NOT both.


Does this really matter?

YES especially when the lens such as the one highlighted in our experience is so inconsistent as in needing different
values for both ends of the zoom. After all, Canon have had the ability to calibrate and store both ends of a zoom since the introduction of the Canon Eos 1DX back in 2012 , so why not Nikon? Rather than mimic Canon’s capability they chose to invest time
and resources in a self-calibration facility which was introduced to the D850 and D500 cameras. This feature allows for a user to calibrate a lens automatically.  AMAZING as that is we have found this to be woefully inaccurate and the task has to be repeated multiple times (each resulting in a different value) and an average taken.
Here at Cameracal we have lost count of how many times we have mentioned this lack of judgement to Nikon clients wanting their zoom’s calibrated and as such the frustration has led us to devise a work around which although a hassle allows the client to quickly change AF Fine values when faced with a lens which is as inconsistent as the AF-S 24-70mm or any lens for that matter.



Has Nikon have finally caught up !!

We always like to be conversant with the features found on new models so whenever a camera manufacturer release a new
model the first thing we do is to download the operating manual and scan through for any changes / new features ( we often get asked for 1-2-1 training and advise by clients on how to use their new models). Upon downloading and scanning through the manual to Nikon’s new D780 we found mention of a new feature, the ability to add AF Fine Tune values for both ends of a zoom lens, HOORAY Nikon have finally caught up...Is this new feature common knowledge?
NO – in fact it is buried in page 665 of the manual... and is not even as a major feature set in any advertisement -SHAME ON YOU NIKON.
This new feature will,  we are sure, find its way to be introduced to all Nikon’s future DSLR models (i.e Nikon D500 MK2 and we hope the D6).  A long time coming Nikon but greatly appreciated. So they have caught up with Canon but alas some way behind the 3rd party manufacturer's Sigma and Tamron. Their lenses can be calibrated at regular increments through the focal range of their lenses.

Buried In The Manual

Considering this new feature has had zero promotion and is buried in the manual, what does this say about Nikon's intention for the future of the feature? Undoubtably they will include it in subsequent new models. What would really be appreciated by Nikon users who have already heavily invested in their brand is to make the feature backwards compatible and launch it in a firmware update across their current range AND where possible past models!

All we now await for is compatibility with the Reikan Focal software we use for our calibration process, over to you guys...