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Nikon D850 Calibration Now Supported By Focal

The market leading calibration software FoCal now supports Nikon D850 calibration

As new DSLR models are being released at an ever increasing rate it can often be frustrating for those of you who have paid considerable sums of money for your new camera only to have to wait to get your existing lenses calibrated to your new camera.

Whilst Focal are always pushing hard to keep their outstanding software up to date it can often be the camera manufacturer's them selves that hold things up. We have been contacted by a number of our customers asking for calibration but until Focal could post the update with confidence it was a waiting game.

Nikon released their updated camera communication software near the end of September with FoCal providing their update soon after.  So here at Cameracal we are delighted to announce that those owners of the new Nikon D850 can indeed now have their existing lenses calibrated to their new D850. Finally a chance to see what this excellent camera can produce when finely tuned to those precious lenses.

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