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Tamron lens calibration now available!

Here at Cameracal we have another exciting announcement to make. Similar to our specialist Sigma calibration package, we will now be offering the same for Tamron lenses!

For a price of £99 we can not only calibrate your lens, but adapt its behaviour for your needs. Beyond the lens calibration we can now also

  • Customising the VC (Vibration Compensation) to your preferences. *
  • Tailor the full-time manual focus override for your preference. This can help wildlife photographers when looking through dense foliage for example.
  • It is possible for us to alter the autofocus range of your lens. This is ideal for people using the lens for things like aviation, preventing the lens from hunting when the subject is far away. This enables you to achieve focus quicker. **
  • We can check and update the firmware of your lenses, improving the stability and performance of your lens

The four additional improvements above are included in the standard prince of a Tamron lens calibrations. At an additional cost of £7.50 per focal point we can calibrate the same lens at up to 24 different distance/zoom combinations. On primes, we can calibrate for three different distances, and for zoom lenses, adjustments can be made for up to eight magnifications. This means that calibration is possible for a combined total of up to 24 positions! ***

Calibration results from third party lenses can differ wildly from one end of the zoom range to the other. This means that on the 150-600 G2 for example, the AF micro-adjustment results could be: -13 at 150mm, -5 at 300mm and +7 at 600mm. Tamron allow, with the use of Tamron Tap dock, the ability to calibrate at different focal lengths throughout the zoom range

This scenario would make a huge difference in the sharpness of your images at different focal lengths and knowing the results for specific focal lengths would do wonders to the sharpness to your images.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that the results would be like this as every lens is different, but as always after spending so much on photographic equipment you might as well get the best results you can.

* This applies only to lenses equipped with the Vibration Control. The conditions and range of                    possible adjustments may differ according to the lens model.

**  Only lens models equipped with the ‘Focus Limiter’ function can be altered. The conditions and range               of possible adjustments may differ according to the lens model.

*** The conditions and range of possible adjustments may differ according to the lens model.


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