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Why you should calibrate Canon and Nikon Lenses?

Here at Cameracal we share a common aim with Reikan the creators of the market leading calibration software and that is to raise the awareness among the photographic community of one of the biggest frustrations of photography. Persistent soft or out of focus images. And if we find information out there of help we will share it. Luckily we didn’t have to go far. Reikan have been compiling data for an absolute age now and the boffins have been digging and crunching their data with some surprising results.
     Head boffin Rich has posted two blogs laying out his findings, one for Canon users and the other for Nikon users. Both answering questions like ‘How likely is it that a lens needs no adjustment at all?’ , Which lenses need just a little adjustment?’ but perhaps the most surprising is…..“When I take that shiny new lens out of the box, what are the chances that I’m going to get the best from it without any adjustment?” . Yes that’s right, brand new lenses fresh from the factory. Most of us would be well aware of the possibility of bumps and knocks to our highly sophisticated equipment can caused problems but brand new and often exceedingly expensive gear should be in operating to its full capabilities…..shouldn’t it?


If you are interested in reading further then for Canon users read ‘Why you should calibrate Canon EF lenses with Reikan FoCal?’
Canon lenses requiring calibration