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Annual Camera Service

When people come to visit the studio they often ask about a camera service, how to give it an ‘MOT’ before their big photographic trip or after a long season’s worth of use. After several brainstorming sessions we decided to put together an Annual Service Package that we could offer our clients both amateur and professional alike.


Internal Camera Service

The internal cleaning includes our market leading sensor clean, but whilst in the cavity of your camera we clean the whole chamber. Internal cleaning consists of:

  • Both a dry and wet clean on the sensor.
  • Decontamination of the sensor chamber.
  • A Dust Delete Data Reference. *
  • Mirror Box decontamination.
  • Viewfinder & Eyepiece decontamination.
  • Decontamination of the focussing screen (but not extraction of).
  • Cleansing of the internal battery port.


External Camera Service

You can compare the detailing of a classic car to the level of cleaning performed on the exterior of your camera when done by us. Dirt and grime, (that is usual when using your camera in the field), can start to clog up connectors, buttons and dials preventing you from getting the best images possible.

Imagine framing that clincher, but not being able to press the shutter button due to sand or grit getting in the mechanism. An important thing to note is a build-up of grime around the lens mount can often end up on your sensor when changing lenses etc. – so be careful!

The external service consists of decontaminating:

  • The main external panels.
  • Buttons, controls and dials.
  • Flash housing/hot shoe.
  • The eyepiece.
  • LCD screen.
  • Connectivity ports (USB etc.)
  • Memory card doors.


Electronics Camera Service

As well as the decontamination and cleaning aspects of the service, we are also including the following:

  • Providing a shutter count for your camera - seeing where your camera is on the shutter lifespan spectrum. *
  • Firmware Upgrade – so you can get the best software ‘stability’ possible from your camera.
  • Battery Configuration – extending not only the life of your battery, but also enables more accurate battery level readings. *
  • Part replacement – should you need a front cap, eyepiece or battery door replacing. **


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*           If applicable/available.

**         Replacement parts – supply and fit missing miscellaneous parts as in body caps or eyepiece.           Please             note this annual service plan does not include a camera system diagnostic or     repair/replacement of any mechanical or electronic components.