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Camera Annual Service - When a Wet Wipe Just Doesn't Cut It!

Last December 2018, after being asked repeatedly by customers, we started a new service option. Having made the decision to send their camera in for a sensor clean many customers have opted to give their camera a deep clean at the same time. This service is similar to detailing a car. Since the launch of this new service we have already seen a lot of heavily used cameras returned fabulously clean. Cleaning all those tiny nooks and crannies where dirt, sand and grime collects through normal handling.

We thought it was about time we showed you some before and after images showing what we actually achieve!

Getting around switches where a simple wipe just doesn't cut it:

camera annual service


Getting rid of dust and grime from those hard to get at places or where sand gets blown in:


camera annual service


Cleaning electrical connections like flashgun shoes, USB, remote control, battery:

camera annual service


As part of the annual camera service we also update camera firmware (if required) and of course clean the sensor and chamber. Small parts like body caps, eye pieces etc can be replaced if required. Once cleaned we also check for any mechanical malfunction and finally configure the camera for your specific genre be it landscapes, wildlife, sports, portraiture. So we can return your camera to you clean, inside and out, up to date and configured in readiness for your next photographic adventure .



So if you have just returned from a photographic adventure and really put your photographic equipment through the mill, or about to go on one. Or thinking about upgrading your camera and want to get the best second hand price for it, this could be just the service for you! A recent customer not only had his camera cleaned and configured for wildlife but also his lenses calibrated for a trip to Costa Rica to photograph the........Keel-billed Toucan, or was it the Resplendent Quetzal but that's another blog.

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