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Farmers Market - Onwards to Eastbourne

After several weeks of planning, multitasking and some very long hours the buzz was building at Cameracal. Our first trade show! Working late into the evening we set up our stand and we are feeling pleased with ourselves. Ready for calibrations and sensor cleaning

Farmers Market - lens calibration


What really thrilled us was the reception we were given by those attending The Photography Farm kept us really busy with sensor cleans through the day, every day but to most photographers having a sensor cleaned is fairly common place. We did manage to get our hands on the new Nikon Z7. A sizeable finger print on the sensor! Fingerprints are fairly uncommon thankfully as they are very difficult to remove. 13 swabs later and the camera was returned to the Nikon rep.

We also had the Sony rep come over asking us to clean the sensor on his A7 Mk3, again with the same problem! What do these reps do to their cameras!


Farmers Market - lens calibration

We also had significant interest in the new Loupdeck on demonstration there. As most wedding photographers have a huge volume of images from each wedding to edit this is a huge development in imrpoving post production workflow.

Farmers Market - Loupedeck

What really went down a storm were the camera and lens calibrations. Our ethos of ‘be the best’ comes with a side order of ‘no smoke and mirrors.’ We are transparent about our technical process and enthusiastic about explaining the process. Where better to demonstrate this than at a show. Not only did we have one team member calibrating all day watched by the customers, we could also explain to others what we were doing and why?

We know we will be back next year and will have to set up two calibration stations!

A total tot up of the total number of calibrations performed over the two days amounted to over 30 separate kits..


Our next show is an event run by the Eastbourne Photographic Society on November 24th. Headlining with be David Noton, an outstanding photographer who will be presenting ‘Chasing The Light”


If there any camera club members out there who would be interested in us attending one of their special / yearly events drop us a line, I am sure we could help bring something different yet engaging to your event.