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GPS Tracking For Calibration Service

Here at Cameracal we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service.

Whilst we chose FexEd for all our calibration services being one of the best in the world……mistakes do happen. They have never lost one of our consignments but on occasion they have been miss-routed. The key to minimising the delay is pin-pointing the location of the consignment so it can be re-routed immediately. Recently we have been testing out a new security measure when shipping customer’s equipment to and from the studio for our calibration service and are delighted to say we have completed our testing and are very happy with the end results.

From now on all of our peli-cases are going to have a tracker installed inside the case itself. This means that we can track where your equipment is, in a much more accurate and secure manner.

Whilst the tracking system is not available to customers, should customer’s wish to know where their equipment is at any given time during transit we are more than happy to pass that information on.

The service costs just £46 and includes four way shipping in a Peli-style hard case which is locked, fully insured and now tracked with our own devices.


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