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Matterport Virtual tour of Cameracal’s Studio

We are all about transparency, be in it the products we sell or the services we offer. And we gladly demonstrate our industry leading calibration and sensor cleaning processes to our visiting customers.

However, we thought when you are sending in (sometimes thousands of pounds worth) of kit to us via our courier service you want to know you can trust us. You need to know that we are not some guys fixing your gear in a damp shed - well actually our studio did use to be a chicken shed back in the day! Sometimes it helps to see the location, the building and the people.

As many of our customers are aware, we are gear geeks! So, when we got our hands on a 360-degree camera we thought we’d have a play. You can now see our studio in its entirety, from our sensor cleaning and annual service workstations to the camera and lens calibration rigs. So now you can sleep sound knowing you can trust us with your cameras and lenses.’