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New Camera Models Now Supported For Lens Calibration.


We have recently added three new models to the range of DSLR’s that we are able to calibrate, these being:

  • Nikon D780
  • Nikon D6
  • Canon Eos 1DX MkIII 

As previous reported Nikon have for the first time included the capability to calibrate for both ends of a zoom, as in Wide and Tele. It has taken Nikon a considerable amount of time to catch up with the likes of Canon with this. Canon introduced it with the 7D Mk2 and 5D Mk3 cameras some seven years ago. We are looking forward to calibrating one of these cameras and are keen to see if they also use the same linear predication facilities as Canon mid zoom range. (This is where Canon predict calibration values mid-range through a zoom using the wide-angle calibration result as a starting point).


Canon Lens Calibration

Of these three models, the one that we have been frequently asked about with regards compatibility is the Canon 1DX Mk III. So much so that after having finished our testing and appraisal using one of our own cameras, we had a long list of customers to contact who required their lens calibrated to their new cameras.

One of the first customers who brought their camera for calibration also brought his recently acquired EF 200-400mm F4.0L IS USM with built in converter, quite a combination and in his own words a dream combination.

So if you have any of these new models and are looking to get your lenses calibrated please do get in contact and either book an appointment online for a studio visit or if further afield why not use our fully insured Peli case courier pick up and return facility.