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The best sensor cleaning loupe! The Ezklean Inspection Loupe

With many years of cleaning sensors our team here at Cameracal HQ have finally found a sensor cleaning loupe that just blew us away. Our search is over with the arrival of the EzKlean sensor inspection loupe.

At Cameracal we do a hell of a lot of sensor cleans. We also pride ourselves as offering the best sensor clean service available. To do this we must ensure we have the best tools for the job. Over many years and many sensor cleans we have been frustrated by the quality of inspection loupes.
For those that are not inclined to peer into the body of their camera to look at their sensor these valuable little pieces of equipment sit over the camera body cavity and magnify the sensor. Most have a x5 magnification and most have a light to illuminate the sensor. They range from £20 to well over £100. Many of the loupes on the market we have tested irrespective of price and they have always fallen short in one way or another. Most commonly the magnification was usually not great enough and the illumination too dim.
We were discussing our problem with our supplier of sensor cleaning swabs and they suggested we might be interested in a new product of theirs. To be frank we didn’t hold out much hope as the price point was £39 and we, like many I suspect, thought it was going to be mediocre at best.
Their samples arrived. They were neat and slim. Not the usual design of a round and chunky block. From the very first trial of this loupe we were truly impressed. It’s magnification was at the highest in the market but there are a number of other loupes that offer 7X magnification.
The real clincher for us though was the illumination. We have NEVER had this level of clarity when performing sensor cleans  before which has often resulted in repeating the process to ensure quality. The loupe has two brightness settings. A powerful white light to perform the majority of the sensor clean by and a secondary LED light mode which uses yellow LEDs. This is the perfect light to  check for drying marks, smears and crucially the tiniest of scratches.

Best sensor loupe

Ezklean Inspection Loupe Features

  • 7x Optical Magnifier. A level of magnification usually only available on loupes twice the price.

  •  Slim, in fact far slimmer than other loupes on the market

  • Flat design making it easier to place on the camera lens mount
  • Bright LED lamps. Substantially brighter than other loupes currently available

  • Secondary LED lighting mode. Using yellow LED’s  which are ideal for checking the sensor for drying or smearing marks, or scratches.
  • 4 AAA batteries powered (not supplied) which are far more widely available than the usual button batteries.

  •  Ideal for Sensor Inspection, Reading Small Print, Low Vision, Crafts, Coins, Maps & Hobbies

  • Supplies with case for added protection and portability.
This is such a well thought out product beating it’s competitors twice the price. So like the other sensor cleaning products we use, swabs, sensor cleaning fluids that we know are the best available we can now offer the Ezklean inspecting loupe for sale confident that its the best available. A word of warning. These little gizmos are likely to wander. They are also very useful for map reading, reading small print, crafts and hobbies!