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Loupedeck+ Lightroom Workflow Revolutionised

When Loupedeck, the customisable editing keyboard for Lightroom, was announced way back in 2016 it took to the market like a storm. On the 20th June, the company announced the original console’s successor, the Loupedeck+.

Though the original Loupedeck was designed specifically for Adobe Lightroom, the Loupedeck+ is compatible with the popular Aurora HDR editing software, which was nominated by Apple as the best Mac app of 2017.

It is also currently in beta integration with Capture One, as well as additional software integrations to follow later this year. With full integration on the most commonly used editing programs now not far around the corner, Loupedeck+ will give photographers a more diverse, intuitive experience, helping to streamline the editing process and bring the joy back into editing your photos.


The console has also been improved with more functionality, control, and customization, all based on feedback received from the photography community since its initial announcement in 2016. It hosts over 50 controls including buttons, rollers, and dials. Each one is individually labelled with various controls and adjustments you will normally see on the right-hand side of the develop model in Lightroom. The console itself is approximately 400x150x40mm and weighs 600g.

The keys on the Loupedeck+ are now mechanical, giving a more precise edit and a sturdier feel. The overall build quality of the console has been improved as well, and the finish is as elegant as ever!

Get Adobe Lightroom training including the Loupedeck+

On Tuesday the 21st  August, Camercal were delighted to announce our new Adobe Lightroom courses, including the use of the Loupedeck+ to aid your workflow. We have three dates announced: Saturday 22nd September 2018, Saturday 27th October 2018 and Saturday 24th November 2018. At only £99 Anthony will show you the best Lightroom workflows including:


  • The correct setup of Lightroom from scratch – the Lightroom Catalogue: where it can be found and the importance of backup.
  • File management and the importance of creating a logical filing system.
  • Use of Smart Previews and their use in the Lightroom workflow
  • Navigation of the Library module and associated workflow including image selection, use of keywords and collections.
  • Introduction to the Develop module and the use of the appropriate tools to edit your images.
  • Detailed explanation and demonstration of the most common editing tools the practicable use of some of the more advanced editing tools.
  • Use of the Loupdeck+ editing counsel to simplify seemingly difficult edits.


We are trying to keep this blog post brief, so for more information .....Lightroom course