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Nitecore Battery Chargers in the Sahara

Working in the Cameracal team comes with it's pros and cons like anywhere else. We are all passionate about photography at Cameracal and for those of us with youth on their side this also brings a hankering for travel. For the last two weeks Luke has been in the Sahara desert. To be frank we all gave a huge sigh of relief that his destination wasn't a war zone for a change! So given the remote location it seemed like an ideal opportunity to test out the Nitecore battery chargers.

So mid trip we were glad to hear back from Luke. Not only was he alive and well but sent back the below report on his impressions of the Nitecore battery chargers.


Despite getting a charger in the box with your camera, when travelling I have found the manufacture’s own both cumbersome and not always practical. Like most of us I have several batteries and one week in and several hundred images later I have yet to get tight on power! I only have one body but for those who have a second body the dual chargers will be an absolute Godsend.

If you are travelling on a group safari for example, in many safari lodges there are a limited number of power sockets. This poses a problem if you are charging batteries, phones and possibly even laptops. You might only be able to use one socket, which delivers the problem of what to charge?!

This is where the Nitecore USB chargers for Canon and Nikon come in. They allow you to charge your batteries using a USB port. This means that you can charge your camera batteries with a power bank, through the 12V in your vehicle or into a plug socket (albeit with a USB plug adapter - I use the KOPPLA 3-port USB charger from Ikea, which are cheap and perfect for the job.)


So, this solves the problem of what to charge, and with the KOPPLA adapter for example you could charge a Laptop, your phone and your camera batteries all from one socket! If you want to be really pedantic, you could charge four or five items using your laptops USB ports as well!


Koppla Charger