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Nikon Release Upgrade To NX-D — NX Studio

Nikon have recently released NX Studio (v 1.0), which allows viewing, processing and editing of both images and video. It is aimed at Nikon users, but I can say, from experience, that it will also work with images and video from other camera makes, and did I mention that its free!

In essence, it combines NX-D and Capture into one single software package, whilst also providing some video editing functionality.

The interface will be familiar to users of NX-D or View NX-i and is simple, functional and organised to make things easy. It follows a simple workflow route from importing, through viewing to editing.
Editing is easier as well, with the ability to edit in detail and even remove blemishes, dust, scratches and other aberrations very easily. There are the usual tools, expected in editing software, along with the usual exif data and XMP/IPTC tab, so you can add tags, ratings and ownership data.
It also has ‘Dust off’ facilities to use your dust off reference image and auto clone out any sensor dust.
The software also seems a bit snappier, which is a welcome improvement and certainly make the experience more pleasant. Its not as slick or as quick as Lightroom, but do you need all that functionality or cost?

The video editing facility, accessed through the Movie module (which can be accessed in NX Studio or via its own stand-alone module), is not on a par with full on video editing software, but it’s not intended to be!
You can easily trim videos, add intro, end titles, some transitions, import music, videos and images into the mix, and reordering clips is as simple as drag and drop. You cannot edit sound on the clip that was captured when the recording was made, nor can you do any

colour correction - so think of it as a quick and dirty editing tool. Output is fairly simple and covers several different frame rates and quality settings. Videos can be saved as *.mov and *.mpeg.
This is a fairly powerful piece of software, which is made even more attractive by it being free. Don’t be put off by this fact, its certainly well worth using and whilst its not a replacement for Photoshop or Lightroom if you need al that
functionality, its certainly worth considering and perhaps trying out, you might be surprised at what you can achieve.