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Don't Wait Till Spring To Sensor Clean!

Don't Clean in Spring. Be Ready for Spring

It's only January so it might feel as through it's a tad early to think of Spring cleaning and getting your photographic gear ready for a year full of photography. But most of us want to be out there in Spring not getting ready.

We've seen a great increase in customers booking in sensor cleans, calibrations and annual services. In the mix have been some .......well surprises as well as absolute shockers, and some good news for Tamron owners. We have a new winner for the most extreme item found in a sensor chamber (see below). Fresh insight on material to be cleaned of camera bodies.


Sensor Cleaning

Obviously we see a huge number of cameras coming in for sensor cleaning. Our customers really put their gear through it's paces. Punishing environments, harsh weather conditions etc. After all t's often where there best photography can be done. So it's little wonder that contaminants get in. You try changing a lens in the Namibian desert without getting ANY sand in the chamber!  So here at Cameracal we get it, we really do. The reason for keeping your camera chambers as free of contaminants as possible are fairly obvious. A dirty sensor can cause an huge amount of retouching in post processing. Time which should be spent doing photography! Also contaminants can also do considerable damage if left in the chamber. I hear a few readers saying how can a few specs of dust cause any real damage......we agree but then what if it wasn't just a few specs of dust!

Whilst we are mentioning dust maybe we should also mention ash. Unless you are covering the awful situation in Australia then really there is little reason to get ash in your sensor chamber and, being light, all over your sensor.

Sensor cleaning



Award For The Most Contaminants Found In A Camera Annual Service Clean Goes To.....

Camera Annual Service


The Winner of the Most Unexpected Contaminant In A Sensor Clean Goes To...


Sensor cleaning service


This twig, yes twig, was found in the sensor chamber.....

Sensor Cleaning


If you want to learn how to clean your own sensor they we have two course dates coming up. It a half day workshop(10am -1.30pm) where you will be taught how to clean your sensor properly, both dry and wet processes. The best cleaning materials to use. And perhaps most importantly practise on someone else's camera (we provide them) so that when you come to clean your own you are confident.

Workshop Date- How To Clean Your Sensor

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We realise that not everyone wants to clean their own sensors but we strongly recommend you get used to peering into your chamber. Best tool we have found and use in our sensor cleaning service is the Ezklean Sensor Inspecting Loupe. By far the best on the market.

If you just want a specialist to clean your sensor or give your equipment a thorough clean and check then book with us:

Book a sensor clean


And Finally....

Some good news for Tamron users. As some may know the number of focal points that can be calibrated depends greatly on the brand of lens. A Nikon only has a choice of one (one end of the focal range but user select which is most important). Most Canon lenses have two (either end of the focal range). A Sigma has several going through the focal range but Tamron have the most! So as an example a Sigma 150-600mm has  4 focal points 150, 250mm, 400mm & 600mm) that can be calibrated a Tamron 150-600mm has 5 (150, 250mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm) giving a far more accurate lens throughout it's whole focal range.