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Five Star Sensor Cleaning Service

Ever since we started our sensor cleaning service years ago, we knew there was plenty of competition. In fact we had worked for one of our biggest local competitors. We had a combined photographic industry experience of over 60 years. So from the start of Cameracal we had considerable knowledge of how our competitors and even the camera manufacturer's themselves cleaned sensors. Most importantly we know how to clean sensors better. Considerably better. 


Sensor cleaning service

What Sets Cameracal Apart From The Rest?

Common Sense:

Much of our sensor cleaning process shouldn't be a revelation to our competitors. A bit of common sense and desire to offer the best service possible especially where recontamination is concerned. Cleaning sensors in an open office or dusty backroom of a shop is obviously far from ideal but seems to be the norm. The expense of a sensor cleaning cabinet seems to be an expense too far for most and yet is prevents dust re-entering the shutter chamber  whilst being cleaned.


Technology Available:

There is a range of software solutions that help tackle dirty sensors which are covered later in the blog. It just takes time and a little expertise to use them but can save hours of post production cleaning up of images. 


Cameracal's Ethos - Be The Best - Use The Best:

It is a constant source of surprise that many market leading brands of sensor cleaning materials are so poor. We know we have to be in a perpetual state of evolution to make sure we are always using the best available materials. 


Cameracal Sensor Cleaning Process

This may seem like giving away our trade secrets to our competitors by posting our sensor cleaning process but as mentioned most of it isn't rocket science but common sense and if our competitors can't be bothered to run a similar process by now then they never will. We even run workshops to show people how to clean their own sensors.

1. Pre cleaning test shot – taken at F16 / F22 (depending on whether camera is crop / full frame).
Best Sensor Cleaning Service - Cameracal
This has got to be the dullest of images but it is one that most photographers will recognise......a dirty sensor! This image not only has the usual contaminants but also oil splatter from the shutter / mirror mechanism.
2. Inspection & cleaning of sensor chamber (this is preventative medicine going forward).
3. Dry clean of the sensor using filtered air blower – this is used to dislodge any free-floating contamination.
4. Further shot taken
5. Any contamination which is stuck to the sensor such as sand granules are “picked off” the sensor using a special tool (swabbing at this stage could damage the sensor).
6. Further inspection – further test shot.
7. Wet clean using swabs that are not “lint based” as these tend to moult
8. Further test shot.
9. Dust Delete data (Canon) / Dust off (Nikon) reference shot taken (this enables any future contamination problems to be eradicated automatically as a batch process using Canon’s DPP (Digital Professional Pro) / Nikon’s NDX software).
10. Inspection / cleaning of mirror box.
11. Inspection / cleaning of viewfinder (this does not include physical extraction of the focusing screen).
12. Post sensor clean shot.
13. Dust catcher disks fitted to body cap and rear lens cap by default these are our own product / design and are available for purchase).

We also provide a full report on all the procedures undertaken and report on any abnormalities such as smear marks / scratches.

All sensor cleaning is undertaken using our cleaning cabinet which is an enclosed workspace with a filtered air system (air is blown into cabinet and filtered via HEPA filters).

All the tools used are deemed “best in class” and have been vigorously tested over 8 years of cleaning camera sensors.
The swabs used as mentioned are not lint based so do not “moult”. The fluid used is not water based and is the fastest evaporating fluid on the market, this prevents any smearing.
All these tools are available for purchase via our website -

We also offer sensor cleaning courses which cover how to clean your
own camera to our exacting standards.
Why not book an appointment to come to our studio to have your sensor cleaned. Our studio has been reconfigured to adhere to all Covid 19 precautions. (360 Virtual tour of the studio).

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