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How Do I Know if My Sensor Needs Cleaning?

You’re probably used to spending a lot of time cleaning your camera lens, but have you paid much attention to cleaning the sensor? 

Most of us who enjoy photography try to keep our equipment clean and dry. We will take great care in gently cleaning our lenses to remove smears and dust. But, if you are finding that after cleaning your lens you are still seeing small dark spots, it may be time for you to consider sensor cleaning. 

Can I clean my own sensor?

Whilst there are plenty of sensor cleaning tools on the market (LINK to shop), many photographers are wary of delving into the bowels of their camera… and rightly so. With there being many tutorials and home-kits readily available, there’s an increased risk of doing more harm than good when it comes to cleaning a sensor. 

You can find out more on this on our  'How NOT to clean your sensor" blog. 

In addition to that, most damage done to sensors can in fact be caused by certain camera shops doing the sensor cleaning. This is because they rarely perform this delicate task properly. Often it takes place in the wrong conditions and inferior products or techniques are used. It has also been known for them to reuse swabs over and over again with previously contaminated swabs causing problems.

This is often due to the lack of training and or cleaning is undertaken in the wrong environment / inferior products are used.

At Cameracal, our team of professionals work with all the best tools and undertake a rigorous 13 stage process to ensure optimal sensor cleaning.

If you’re wondering if this is a service you could benefit from, a quick test can make the situation clearer:

  • Set your camera to Aperture Priority Mode
  • Set the camera to the lowest ISO for example ISO 100.
  • Turn off Auto ISO and autofocus.
  • Set your lens to manual focus and the aperture to F16 (crop sensor) or F22 (Full frame) 
  • Then simply take a shot of a reasonably well-lit piece of plain white paper making sure you fill the frame.
  • Then if you zoom in on the image using the camera’s LCD screen and move around the image. If you see small dark spots then you need to get your sensor cleaned.

Why chose Cameracal?

With a team of experts on hand, and nothing but tools of an incredibly high standard being used in the process, you can guarantee that your sensor is in safe hands. 

Every camera that comes into Cameracal for sensor cleaning will start with this

simple test. The process is repeated after the sensor cleaning has been performed. This confirms that the cleaning has been completed to the highest standard and that all dark spots/marks will not appear on the customer’s images.


Now that you have determined whether you require sensor cleaning, it’s time to decide what service you will need. 



Micro 4/3rds (Olympus and Panasonic) £36-00 per camera.

Crop sensors – (Canon 1.6x & Nikon 1.5x)  £36-00 per camera.

Full Frame sensor = £56-00 per camera.

Medium Format size sensor = £56-00 per camera.


Book in a sensor clean by studio appointment 

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