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How NOT to clean your Camera Sensor

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to clean your camera’s sensor. Some are of course very helpful and come from sound experience from the presenter, but many are done by clearly not so experienced people. We have compiled some of the video on ideas which probably aren’t the best! So heres the first one...

Not only is whacking the brush against the table going to get contaminates on the brush and dislodge brush strands that will go into the sensor chamber, using a brush like this can very often scratch the sensor itself!


Putting your camera (with a completely exposed sensor) onto the towel is never a good idea - towels leave plenty of dust and fibres floating in the atmosphere. Also, talking over the camera is only going to get saliva onto the sensor which is a nightmare to get off as it dries so quickly, so keep ya mouth shut!


The rocket blower in this video has a talcum-like powder inside the blower itself to prevent the sides from sticking together and this only ends up being blown into the sensor. Double sided swabs, defiantly not a good idea! It is so easy to get the end not being used contaminated via your skin or clothing. Also, don’t clean the sensor outside – two of the biggest pollutants we find on sensors are pollen and diesel fumes!


Avoid these ever so tempting gel sticks! We once saw a wildlife photographer use a reputable branded one, only for it to crack the super fine sensor glass on the camera and cost nearly £1000 to fix!


There are so many things wrong with this video, be it the tools he is using to him actually puffing his own breath onto the sensor – we’ve never seen a tutorial quite like it! It has to be said though, he does mention you must use lubrication when using swabs etc. so not to scratch the sensor glass unlike this guy…



We thought we’d put this one in for a laugh – this is how ya do it (obviously, were joking!)...


You can learn how to clean your sensor on one of our courses, alternatively our sensor cleaning service starts at a very reasonable £36!


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