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Adobe Lightroom Classic Now Launched

 Adobe Lightroom Classic now live. As of 20th October, the new version of Adobe Lightroom for the desktop is to be renamed as Adobe Lightroom Classic (not 7 as most people would have presumed) Lightroom CC is the name now given to the cloud version of the program.

Adobe have also stated that the perpetual version (previously known as Lightroom 6) and available as a stand-alone DVD box set product will no longer be available. Although support for new cameras will be extended till the end of the year, this will then cease effectively requiring users to upgrade to the subscription only version.

Here at Cameracal we have been using the Classic version for some time now (in beta testing form) and have been impressed by how Adobe have improved the program, especially in the performance states.

Some of the main improvements in Adobe Lightroom Classic over and above the previous version.

  • Faster performance when importing photos, changing from the Library to the Develop module and moving from one photo to another in the Develop Loupe.
  • Use of Embedded Previews for faster image selection – Using the Embedded & Sidecar option in the Build Previews menu helps to speed up the import process
  • New Range Masking – More precision when making precise colour and tone based selections for Local Adjustments, The Adjustment Brush, Radial and Graduated filters can be used as before to define a rough mask and then further refined using the new Range Masking options.

Here at Cameracal we have a full day Lightroom course:

Getting The Most Out of Lightroom :

At the end of this class you will be able to manage, edit and print your images with confidence. You will be given a comprehensive set of notes to take away with you.

We also have a new course soon to be launched 'Darkroom to Lightroom' for those completely new to Lightroom but experienced in the old school darkroom.

We will of course be updating our Lightroom course to accommodate these changes and producing new video content accordingly.