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Detecting front / back focus issues - Lightroom

In the pursuit of detecting front / back focus issues, there are several tools that are at our disposal in helping certain if there is a problem with our equipment. 

For users of middle to high end Canon & Nikon DSLR models (refer to the list on our website - Canon and Nikon pages) there is the capability of reviewing the chosen / selected focus point on playback either in the camera or using the appropriate Canon / Nikon software which is supplied in the box. 

Did you know however that this facility is also available as a free plug in for Lightroom users. This plug is easy to use and install and actually provides detailed information which far exceeds that offered by the Canon & Nikon software products which all in all helps with ascertaining if there is a potential problem with front / back focus issues.


The link for the software can be found below along with a description of how the plug in works. 

Lightroom Focussing Plugin