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Finally Loupedeck Plus Adobe Photoshop!

Loupedeck+ Now Compatible Adobe Photoshop!

After the successful launch of the Loupedeck+ earlier this year, Loupedeck continued to make improvements in the compatibility of the product with the introduction of Adobe Premier Pro compatibility in September. Now, as of today, the Loupedeck+ has had its biggest compatibility upgrade so far with the introduction of integration with Adobe Photoshop.


Loupedeck say they have made the decision to integrate with Photoshop exclusively based on feedback from customers. Loupedeck+ will permit more intuitive and faster editing on Photoshop, providing more accuracy on controlling its functions.

loupedeck_plus_adobe photoshop



New Adobe Photoshop editing functionalities of the Loupedeck+ include:

  • More direct access to tools, functions, layers and other Photoshop options to save time.
  • Excellent layer control by moving, grouping, merging, adjusting opacity, fill, visibility or masking.
  • Ability to run smart filters with Loupedeck+’s configurable buttons
  • A custom mode that gives even more possibilities for mapping different Photoshop functions on the Loupedeck+.
  • Intuitive features that make editing faster: swap between current and previous tools, reset blending or to fit image on screen by just a press of a button.
  • Total flexibility with Photoshop CC, allowing image editors to configure Loupedeck+ to match their personal workflows.
  • Ability to focus on the image instead of navigating Photoshop’s many menus.
  • Ability to create your own actions and run them with Loupedeck+´s configurable buttons.



The Loupedeck+ is available for £199 from us here – and participants on our Lightroom Courses get £20 of the Loupedeck+!


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