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Loupedeck+ now works with Final Cut Pro X!


The successful launch of the Loupedeck+ last year was followed by its ground-breaking integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Now Loupedeck have added to the integrations! Integration with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is the next step in delivering an ever-increasing level of functionality and flexibility in the video and audio editing communities’ workflow.


Final Cut Pro users using Loupedeck+ will be able to:

• Utilize faster and more intuitive video editing and color correction; all basic tools for color grading are simply labelled on the console
• Total flexibility to create their own configurations to fit their workflow
• Use Color Wheel workspace compatibility for color grading
• Leverage flexible timeline navigation, content trimming and clip adjustment
• Take advantage of 400+ additional functions available


There is not only the integration Final Cut Pro to celebrate - Adobe Audition users using the Loupedeck+ will now be able to:

• Create a faster and more intuitive workflow
• Create analogous use with digital project
• Create and manage single track and multitrack projects
• Use more accurate track control and navigation
• Use all edit tools including trim and nudge
• Use volume adjustments for all channels
• Add Fades and Effects to projects


We are hearing rumours that Loupedeck+ will soon be compatible with a phenomenal little program for culling pictures quickly, it’ll be of interest for all photographers who shoot lots of pictures in a session - so stay tuned


This update is compatible with all existing Loupedeck+ consoles, simply download the latest firmware update from here.


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