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Loupedeck+ & Premiere Pro CC!

Loupedeck+ and Adobe Premiere together at last! Loupedeck+ Now Integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

Today, Loupedeck announced that the legendary Loupedeck+ will now integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

Loupedeck said this morning that ‘Following a year of success and innovation, the decision to include video editing functionalities is exclusively based on feedback from Loupedeck’s invested community.’ This announcement comes just a week before the (soon to be annual) photokina imaging fair in Germany.

The functionalities look promising, and we at Cameracal are sure that the Loupedeck+ will make video editing both faster and effortless. As well as this, the Loupedeck+ is also a much more affordable option than current industry standards.


The new and exciting editing functionalities of the Loupedeck+ will include:

  • Flexible timeline navigation, content trimming and clip adjustment.
  • Faster and more intuitive video editing and colour correction - all the basic tools for colour grading are simply labelled on the console.
  • There will be total flexibility and control, allowing editors to make their own configurations to fit their workflow
  • Ability to export/import personal Loupedeck configurations to easily transfer them between workstations.
  • Lumetri Color workspace compatibility - helping you master colour grading
  • There is also the ability to toggle easily between your favourite LUTs – a huge time saver
  • A huge bonus is that there is the option to customize the console buttons to preferred Premiere Pro shortcuts

Loupedeck also say that further video and picture editing software integrations will be announced later this year, as well as full integration with Capture One being on the way!


With all these projects that Loupedeck are working on, it is a safe bet that buying a Loupedeck is a safe long-term investment that will greatly enhance your workflow – be it editing images or video.


To buy a Loupedeck+ or ring us on 01798 306599.


Did you know that we also do a dedicated Adobe Lightroom CC course, with full Loupedeck+ tuition included! Prices start at £50 but be sure to book quickly, as the group sizes are small and places get filled fast.

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