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Adobe Lightroom Courses Now Available

We are delighted to announce that we will now be delivering interactive Adobe Lightroom courses with acclaimed Lightroom tutor Anthony Sinfield. We have kitted out our studio with new Mac Minis, new monitors and are ready to go!


The new course is designed to introduce you to Adobe Lightroom, easily the most popular post production program available. It will be suitable for both beginners and intermediate users alike, the following is just a snapshot of what will be covered during the course:

What the Adobe Lightroom Courses includes:

  • The Lightroom Catalogue, where it can be found and the importance of backup.
  • File management, workflow and the importance of creating a logical filing system.
  • Configuration of the workspace to make post processing easier.
  • Use of Smart Previews and their role in the Lightroom workflow.
  • Navigation of the Library module, including image selection and the use of IPTC data.
  • Introduction to the Develop module with a detailed explanation, demonstration and practical use of the most common editing tools including Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Sharpening and Dehaze sliders.
  • Using and combining the more advanced editing tools such as: cloning, graduated filters and adjustment brushes to accomplish seemingly difficult edits.
  • Exporting images to Photoshop for further manipulation.
  • Exporting final edits and the use of various file formats.


Why Choose Cameracal's Adobe Lightroom Course over the others?

  • The tutor - Anthony Sinfield, is one of the countries leading tutors of Adobe Lightroom and has been tutoring beginners and pros alike for over 7 years. This essential programme is THE programme for photographers and can improve your digital workflow immensely.....if you know how!
  • Fully equipped training facility equipped with the latest computers for your use during the course (latest spec iMac’s running Adobe Creative Cloud).
  • With the tutor's experience over many years of teaching this course you don't need the latest version of Lightroom. He supports version 5 upwards
  • Only course in the UK endorsed and using Loupedeck+ on courses. We will be offering the UK exclusive of being partnered and providing training with the incredibly powerful Loupedeck+. This relatively new product allows for a hands-on and highly intuitive approach to editing your images in Lightroom; using buttons, dials and sliders on a keyboard to control Lightroom's tools. Loupedeck + allows your eyes and hands work seamlessly together giving you complete control at your fingertips – making adjusting and fine tuning your images no longer a chore.



Adobe Lightroom Course

Extensive course notes, test images and videos will be available for delegates, enabling them revisit content when they return home.


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