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Adobe Lightroom Workshop - Darkroom to Lightroom with Loupedeck+

We recently delivered another "sold out" DSLR Workshop. The Darkroom to Lightroom incorporating Loupedeck course here at Cameracal's studio location.


We had 6 delegates attend and they all had the opportunity to use our equipment (more of a little later) to best effect.


Having delivered Lightroom based training to hundred's of delegates over the last 8-10 years and in various guises, from lectures style (with little audience user participation), delegates using their own equipment to using new up to date, properly maintained computer equipment.. Most imaged based software workshops tend to offer a lecture style which enables the tutor to control the timing of the courses and of course requires less investment but I have always found that the client always get the maximum benefit from maximum interaction.


In this workshop we run through the following:


: How to set up Lightroom from scratch, how to "correct" bad habits, to configure the software for maximum efficiency, how to instigate correct workflow




DSLR Workshop - Darkroom to Lightroom with Loupedeck




This is as mentioned all delivered using up to date and properly maintained equipment which is designed and fit for purpose. I have in previous roles "battled" with equipment which was deemed unsuitable be it the establishments / clients equipment and have found time and time again to be wasteful in terms of time / energy and in often not possible to deliver the best possible learning experience.




The equipment we use here at Cameracal and importantly for courses, has therefore been chosen specifically to aid in delivering this "best possible" interactive experience.




This attention to detail even includes the use of external hard drives connected to every computer to help explain the use of Smart Previews as part of the Lightroom workflow and the problem of file disassociation.




As mentioned one of the unique "attributes" of the course is the introduction of the Loupedeck+ console within the Lightroom workflow.


Each delegate has the use of a Loupedeck to use.(even those who prefer to bring their own computers).




To see the reaction of delegates the first time they use the Loupedeck to edit full screen is still something to behold, Delegates feedback has highlighted this important inclusion to our Lightroom courses.




This also extends to each delegate being given the same images to work with, images chosen specifically to demonstrate how to edit "properly" using the 5 core editing tools and techniques to produce the best possible results.




DSLR Workshop - Darkroom to Lightroom with Loupedeck




We also run through how to configure the Loupedeck for the recommended workflow be it in its "out of the box" settings and how to program keys to undertake given tasks thus making for a truly unique customisable experience. We even cover how to share this "programmable workflow" with other Loupedeck users and how it can also be configured to work with other compatible editing applications such as Photoshop CC




In conclusion the course content has been written and delivered in such a way that it is unique (don't take out word for it, customer feedback tells us this time and time again - see bellow) and the setup and use of Loupedeck ensures that here at Cameracal we deliver what is ultimately the best Lightroom course in the UK. Restricted class size, quality equipment and maximum practical interaction.



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Equipment for delegate use:

Mac mini computers (i5, 16Gb)
Dell 24 Ultrasharp monitors
WD External hard drive
Loupedeck+ editing consoles
Adobe CC including Lightroom & Photoshop CC





Delegate feedback (taken from post course survey's)


"I found the Loupedeck very easy to use and is a 'must-have' for Lightroom editing"- AK.


"The sensitivity of the controls of the Loupedeck+ console was good for more refined editing. Being able to see it on full screen was also useful" - T. Martin


"One of the main benefits of using Loupedeck with Lightroom is that you have much more control and are able to fine tune photographs much better" B. Howell.


"The use of Loupedeck console within the Lightroom workflow allows for far more control and thus consistency and is easily laid out and easy to use".


Loupedeck+ editing consoles are available to purchase at the end of the day and can be configured for the demonstrated or users specific workflow.