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Our First DSLR Workshop - How to Clean Your Sensor

Saturday 24th March at Cameracal HQ we ran our first DSLR Workshop - How to Clean Your Sensor.

We know it might seem a tad counter intuitive to run a 'How to Clean Your Sensor' Workshop training customers to  clean their own sensors when a large part of our business is cleaning your sensor's for you. However our company ethos of being the best at what we do, using only the best materials etc also extends to training. For those who are willing to delve into the bowels of their cameras and clean their own sensors we wanted to offer the best possible tuition.

There is a huge amount of information online on how to clean  your DSLR sensor which actually encourage people to clean their sensors in very ineffective ways and some that are plain wrong. We've spent decades cleaning sensors and continually improved the processes and materials we use and want to encourage photographers to take care of their equipment correctly. Too many times have we seen botched sensor cleans by professionals and amateurs alike.

We designed a course which was split into theory and practical.

Sensor Cleaning - The Theory

This included some very basic starting points that are easily over looked like ensuring your computer monitor is spotlessly clean or else you could spend a frustrating time trying to clean off marks shown on a test shot that are actually on the monitor! The difference between dry and wet cleaning and when to differentiate between the two. The creation of a dust report ( Canon and Nikon only) was of great interest and a very useful tool!

DSLR Workshop - How to Clean Your Sensor

After a lunch break provided by our latest recruit, all home made fair and included in the price.......

Catering at Cameracal DSLR workshops

....Then the fun bit.

Sensor Cleaning - The Practical

We had demonstration cameras for all attendees to  practice on. Nobody wants their sensor to be the first they clean! With help constantly at hand attendees were able to apply the processes explained earlier and vitally to gain the confidence in their ability to clean a sensor. So once the course was over they could feel confident in carrying out the same process on their own cameras at home.

DSLR Workshop - How to Clean Your Sensor


So how did it go?

We were genuinely thrilled with the customer feedback we received. 98.9%! Summed up by one of the customers responses we felt we really did achieve what we set out to do.....

"I have been using digital cameras for many years but always worried about cleaning the sensor. I attended the workshop feeling apprehensive but Anthony was very good at reassuring us that, if we took the right precautions and most important used the right products, cleaning a camera sensor is not so difficult. I would highly recommend anyone with a digital camera to attend this workshop. Worth every penny. I can now clean my cameras sensors without any worries and in the long run same time and money."

For more information about this workshop

If you are interested in coming to a DSLR Workshop on Sensor Cleaning  then follow the link below for the next courses still with some places left. Please note number are restricted to ensure plenty of 1-2-1 time with the tutor during the practical half of the workshop so book early to avoid disappointment :

DSLR Workshop - Sensor Cleaning Dates

We are also more than happy to provide the tuition on a 1-2-1 basis. Just contact us  to make an appointment