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Sensor Cleaning Workshop

Here at Cameracal we will soon be launching a range of new courses, details to be posted shortly. One course which we anticipate being particularly popular is our Sensor Cleaning Workshop.

Are we not giving away all our trade secrets you may ask?

Well maybe BUT here at Cameracal we firmly believe everyone should be aware of the need to keep their sensors clean. Over many years of cleaning sensors we know the importance of quality cleaning products and selecting the right products for the right contaminant. We go to great lengths in our commercial operation to minimise dust recontamination. We use a cleaning chamber with Hepa filters. We vacuum seal cameras after cleaning.

Cameracal Sensor cleaning workshop


The course will be part theory, part practical and we will intend to impart the same techniques and recommend the same products as we use to clean camera sensors on a day to day commercial basis.

The following is a snapshot of what we intend covering:

Sensor Cleaning Workshop: The Theory

  • Common misconceptions
  • Preventative medicine, what you can do help prevent the build-up of dust and other contaminants.
  • The difference between dry and wet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning, how and why this should be performed
  • Wet cleaning, use of the right products and why this is so important
  • Recommended products – Loupe’s, Blowers, Swabs and Fluid
  • Sensor cleaning techniques – How to clean your sensor properly
  • Chamber cleaning and why this is so important.
  • Creation of a Dust Reference Point in camera (Canon & Nikon).


Sensor Cleaning Workshop: The Practice

All delegates will have the opportunity to practice and hone their skills using demo cameras and will be supplied with the following:

  • Demo DSLR / Mirrorless camera
  • Sensor Loupe
  • Filtered blower brush (dry clean)
  • Sensor Cleaning Pads (dry clean)
  • Sensor Swabs
  • Sensor cleaning fluid
  • Chamber swabs


The cost of the half day course is £49-00 and includes tuition, light refreshments and all materials and demo camera to work on.

If this is of interest please send us an e-mail to register your interest, dates to be confirmed shortly.