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Online 1-2-1 Training- Adobe Photoshop

Online 1-2-1 Training- Adobe Photoshop

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2 Hour Online 1-2-1 Training Adobe Photoshop

All 1-2-1 training is preceded by a consultation phone call to discuss topics that could be covered


For this on-line 1-2-1 course, customers will need to have an up to date version of Photoshop and access to a computer with a good internet connection

    Suggested areas of training:

    • The basics of Photoshop - Tools, importing, saving and exporting
    • Google images - how to ensure you get the right quality 
    • Camera RAW module - basic image adjustment
    • Resizing images, making selections and adjustments, such as warping and scale
    • Healing brush and cloning
    • Layers and masking
    • Adding text and flowing text
    • Cinema-graphs (making parts of your images move)