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1-2-1 - How To Dry Clean Your Sensor
sensor cleaning service
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, sensor cleaning service

1-2-1 - How To Dry Clean Your Sensor

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1 Hour 1-2-1 Training Session on How to Dry Clean Your Sensor 

From sensor inspection to a full dry sensor cleaning. A simple step by step in how to clean your sensor correctly. 


This 1-hour course concentrates as much on the preventive measures in preventing contamination occurring as well as the process involved in undertaking a “dry clean”. 


We will also cover importance of using the correct cleaning tools including the following: 


  • Filtered blower  
  • Illuminated sensor loupe  
  • Mirror / sensor chamber swabs 
  • Dust wand  
  • Dust collecting adhesive pad(All these items are available for purchase from our online / instore shop)   
  • What is covered 
  • How to undertake a test shot to determine if your sensor is contaminated. 
  • Checking and cleaning the mirror box (mirrored DSLR’s only) 
  • Checking and cleaning the sensor chamber (preventive) 
  • Performing a dry clean (sensor) 
  • Undertaking a further test shot to confirm the sensor is clean 
  • Creation of a Dust delete data reference (Canon) Dust off reference (Nikon) and the importance of  


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