Twin Camera Body Calibration by Studio Appointment

Twin Camera Body Calibration by Studio Appointment

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Please select the number of lenses you wish  to have calibrated to your camera body (Nikon or Canon). 


The UK's Leading Camera and Lens Calibration Specialists

Due to the slight variations in production or after heavy usage lenses can fall out of alignment revealing itself most commonly with front or back focusing issues.  Our calibration service will return your equipment to its optimum accuracy. For Canon and Nikon

Our Camera & Lens Calibration Service

Once calibrated we will supply a full test report for each lens. If a zoom is used with a compatible camera body then we will calibrate for both ends of the zoom range i.e. with a 24-105mm lens we will calibrate for 24mm and 105mm separately (applicable to Canon bodies only).

Please note in order to undertake our calibration services our software based solution requires access via the camera’s USB port. Please ensure this is fully working before instructing Cameracal to undertake any calibration (applicable to Canon & Nikon models only).

Calibration Service Customer Report 

Test results – Before and After may not initially show vast improvements. This is often due to the fact the lenses do not always resolve the optimum quality when used wide open as in the maximum aperture. Significantly sharper images can be obtained by stopping the lens to a smaller aperture.

  If during the test, we find this to be the case we will record images at a smaller aperture to demonstrate that sharper images can be obtained by taking comparison shots before and after calibration.

We also offer a lens optimum test in which we can identify the best aperture in which to shoot at (often referred as the lens sweet spot) and the point at which diffraction occurs.

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