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Outdoors Cleaning Kit

Outdoors Cleaning Kit

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  •  VSGO Outdoors blower
  •  1 pack of Dust catchers


Outdoor blower:-

This amazing hurricane blower cleans the air whilst in use using it's incorporated air filter, making sure no dust is blown onto your lens or sensor.

The Blower can be attaced to the outside of camera bags, handags, rucksacks, belt loops etc. It's magnetic lock allows you to access the blower easily, and keeps it securely fastened to whatever you have attached it to.

Wrapped in waterproof & dustproof quick drying sports fabric, makes this blower both practical and stylish. With it's in built filter you get clean air on the move.

The blower was a winner in Germany's eddot design awards for 2020

Replaceable Nozzle and Built-in Dust Filter for Camera CMOS CCD or Lens Cleaning

Dust Catchers:-

10 Sticky double-sided tabs with easy peel covers.

Such a simple idea........use a dust attracting material on the inside of your lens cap!As photographers we also, understandably, tend to focus on cleaning the glass elements of our lens only to to add a dusty body caps and rear lens caps back on when done. 

So keep the dust in one place!

This product is recommended for all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras designed to help reduce the potential build-up of dust and dirt in your camera and on your sensor.

Loose debris gets trapped by the Dust Catcher rather than the inside of your valuable equipment.

We recommend replacing the tabs at least every two months, or sooner if they are particularly dirty.

This will not guarantee your sensor will remain spotless but will help to minimise dust collecting inside your camera and so potentially increase the time between professional sensor cleans.