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About Cameracal

For those of us who have been interested and passionate about photography for more than a decade will know how dramatic the changes have been in the technological changes within the photographic world. There appears to be no slowing down of that speed of advancement. Those involved in the photographic industry in a professional capacity that pace of change takes considerable effort to keep one's knowledge up to the very latest date.

Some have been fortunate enough to have applied themselves throughout this time have been able to build a huge and varied technical knowledge and understanding over a large range of brands and models. Compatibility of equipment is no longer simply if the lens mount matches especially for those who are looking to obtain the maximum image quality out of their equipment. 

CameraCal was founded in the light of considerable consumer confusion and frustration.

The level of technical advancement, especially in the professional range of photographic equipment has often been released onto the market without the end user explanation being freely available. Leaving many photographers frustrated by their very expensive equipment.

CameraCal offers a fast and professional solution to one key area of photographic equipment maintenance.

After spending many thousands of pounds on highly sophisticated photographic equipment it is vital for many genres of photography to carry out a camera calibration and lens calibration to optimise the quality of photographic output. There are a number of genres of photography where the need to calibrate both camera and lens together and there are also a number of problems photographers can experience that can be resolved by the same camera and lens calibration.

CameraCal was founded by Anthony Sinfield who has spent the last three decades involved in the photographic industry.

Including many years in the retail market and almost as many in the area of photographic training. Such is the depth of his technical knowledge and expertise that he is often the only person in the country providing training on specific brands and subjects.

After many years of trialling various camera and lens calibration products and processes his skill is now recognised by the industry leading software manufacturer used for camera calibration who now uses Anthony as a valued beta tester before upgrades are released onto the market. Attention to detail and depth of knowledge of photographic equipment has enabled him to provide a camera and lens calibration service without compromise.