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Cameracal Ambassadors

Andy Dines

Andy Dines is a seasoned landscape photographer based in Maidstone, Kent. Having rediscovered his passion for photography 10 years ago, he has since been featured in a number of publications and was shortlisted for the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2016, with a Wintery shot of the Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye, his favourite destination.

Phil Newberry

Phil is passionate about landscape and seascape photography, working in both colour and black and white. He uses advanced techniques such as long exposures, infra-red, and regularly uses tilt-shift lenses to fulfil his intent when shooting a scene. Phil has travelled to Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Spain and Italy specifically to make beautiful images from the stunning landscapes and architecture those countries have to offer. He has been using filters since 2014 to bring expert control of exposure, and to realise his creative vision.

Nick Dale Photography

After travelling the world for seven years he returned to a London still in the grips of a recession. After a chance opportunity came to go on a safari and climb Mount Kenya he bought a decent camera and off he went. He’s been a wildlife photographer ever since in 25 countries and all continents winning awards including Sunday Times/Audley Travel Big Shot competition.

As well as being a professional wildlife photographer in his own right he also guides private safaris and leads photographic trips and events.

Slawek Staszczuk

Born and raised in Gdynia, northern Poland. In 2007 I moved to Brighton. Back in Poland, I focused mostly on wild bird photography. But soon after settling in Brighton, the novelty of the countryside around opened my eyes to landscape. Especially the South Downs. And landscape photography has been my main focus since. Beauty is often transient and only happens for a few minutes or seconds. In my personal work I have but one goal. To find and capture beauty in the world around me.

Paul Goldstein

The multi-award winning wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein is described by the Sunday Times as 'preposterously vivacious, a guide of almost psychotic gusto'. They are not wrong. He has, somehow, a remarkably loyal following of brave photographers who endure his tough learning methods all over the globe. He owns four eco gold camps in Kenya and shoots with a Canon. He is notoriously tough and demanding on both his clients, himself and his gear and is a regular visitor to Cameracal! He wastes little time on processing preferring people to see what he has taken rather than manufactured.

Iain Tall

A wildlife and landscape photographer looking for the perfect timing for the perfect picture. A visual journey for all to experience, not only here on the doorstep of the UK, but encapsulating the rest of the world

Jason Wharam

Born in Zimbabwe, Jason Wharam discovered a talent and passion for photography whilst working as a professional safari guide.  Being in such beautiful and breath taking surroundings on a daily basis allowed him to develop his unique style. His experience and knowledge of the animals he encounters allows him to get very close to his subjects.  Since moving to the UK Jason has continued to develop his photography career as a judge and speaker. 

Dave Kjea

Dave is an accomplished bird and wildlife photographer with over 30 yrs experience. Dave’s images have appeared in numerous books, calendars, cards, newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

David Clapp

We have know of David for many years within the world of retail photography as a Canon ambassador. A number of the Cameracal team were often to be found in the background listening to his presentations and being blown away by his photography.

Ben Hirst

Ben, from Dundee has brought joy to many people in Scotland with his passion for capturing the wealth of beauty in the area.
 "I am a Landscape Photographer living in Dundee, Scotland with my wife, and two young daughters.
I took up Photography in late 2009 when travelling overseas, and then moved back to Scotland, which is an absolute photographers paradise as far as I am concerned. I love to travel around Scotland and capture its rugged beauty and coastlines. I find myself being drawn towards water more than anything else, and you can usually find me on a beach, a clifftop, or beside a waterfall. Photography for me, is a way to be creative and the possibilities are simply endless."

Paul Thomson

Hi, I'm Paul Thomson, a Cumbrian based photographer living in Castle Carrock near the Lake District. With a love for the outdoors, and the special landscapes surrounding me such as the North Pennines right on my doorstep, I am spoilt for choice for subjects to photograph. My goal is to capture these beautiful locations and share the magic of the area with everyone.
I am the Nature First Advocate for the north of England and have been published in Practical Photography Magazine as well as others.