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Brand Partners

Reikan Software

CamerCal not only partner with Reikan software but as their top test centre also work as a beta testing site. Cameracal use their FoCal product exclusively for their calibration services. Focal Blog



Breakthrough Filters

We first came across Breakthrough Photography filters when it was seeking funding through Kickstarter. They made some impressive claims about their filters. We have often heard similar claims from other manufacturers but there was usually a small caveat in the text somewhere. Not so with Breakthrough Photography. The claim we were most interested in ....
“The worlds sharpest and most colour neutral ND and CPL filters. Guaranteed.”



Your Safari Your Safari

Cameracal have partnered directly with Your Safari, a specialist safari company offering bespoke photographic safari’s in Africa, India and North America.




 Colorado Tripod Company

A Denver based tripod brand that designs, manufactures and sells durable tripods and ballheads. Every product has 10 year warranty.
"We stand behind each and every tripod and ballhead with a 10 year guaranteeClick here to activate a Colorado warranty."





VSGO is a professional digital product cleaning brand and in our opinion the best. OEM supplier for Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Hasselblad and many more. 





Clock Tower Cameras

Clock Tower Cameras are based in Brighton, specialising used photographic equipment and offer a calibration service using CameraCal services to ensure their photographic equipment is sold ready to use at its maximum performance




Protech Photographic

The depth of technical photographic knowledge is staggering. The best repair agent we have ever worked with and leagues ahead of camera manufacturers. Specialist in infra red conversions.