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Breakthrough Photography Filters


We first came across Breakthrough Photography filters when it was seeking funding through Kickstarter. They made some impressive claims about their filters. We have often heard similar claims from other manufacturers but there was usually a small caveat in the text somewhere. Not so with Breakthrough Photography. The claim we were most interested in ....

“The worlds sharpest and most colour neutral ND and CPL filters. Guaranteed.”

Through innovative design and manufacture technics along with an ethos of 'don't just make them better, make the best' they went further to prove their claim. Testing their filters alongside Lee, B+W and Format Hitech and publishing. After a few fundraising rounds they are now in full production and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to Breakthrough Photography we were able to send out filter kits to some serious landscape photographers for their feedback. The feedback couldn't have been more positive.

The Worlds First Cinema ND Filter Range Made From Tempered Glass

Breakthrough Photography have recently brought our a range of cinema filters to add to their market leading X4 series. Without losing any sharpness or clarity, each X4 ND is tempered allowing for incredible durability. The tempered filter glass is durable enough to withstand dropping onto concrete, sharp objects and more. Each filter has a 25-year manufacturer guarantee. NightSky Reviews



Manufacturer Claim

“For physical reasons, very dense filters possess a warm tone which can be compensated in image processing.”


Formatt Hitech

Manufacturer Claim

“The world’s first hyper-neutral ND. With Firecrest, we now offer the most neutral ND filters on the market. These glass filters are hyper-neutral across the visible light spectrum.”


Lee Filters

Manufacturer Claim

“The blue cast is inherent in the big stopper – we do pre-warn you in the instruction booklet.”


Breakthrough Photography

Manufacturer Claim

“World’s sharpest and most colour neutral ND filter. Guaranteed.”


ND Filters 

Worlds Sharpest ND Filter. 100% Guaranteed.

The X4 ND features SCHOTT Superwhite B270® optical glass, which is an ultra clear crown glass. It is produced by melting high purity raw materials and then made using the continuous draw process. The result is excellent transmission in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectrums, and a high surface quality that accepts Breakthrough Photography's state-of-the-art MRC and nanotec coatings exceptionally well.

This range now includes the Breakthrough X4 ND Cinema Filters. World's first tempered glass cinema filters.


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Circular Polarising Filters 

World’s most colour neutral CPL. Guaranteed 

All commercially available CPL filters exhibit a yellow cast due to a gradual transmission increase starting around 600nm and then spiking at 650nm onward into IR. With Breakthrough Photography's X4 CPL film they achieved a gradual transmission decrease from 600nm onward, and instead of spiking uncontrollably near 650nm and far into infrared, the X4 CPL sees very controlled transmission into IR, without the curve spike. The real world result? Warm and lively images without the apparent colour cast.

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UV Filters 

Worlds Sharpest Protection Filter.110% Guaranteed.

The X4 features SCHOTT Ultrawhite B270 optical glass made in Germany. Breakthrough Photography's state-of-the-art multi-resistant coating has 16-layers (MRC16) which increases light transmission to 99.4% and creates a protective layer that's structurally harder than the glass.

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Specialised Square Filters 

World's Sharpest GND. 100% Guaranteed.

Breakthrough Photography took their industry leading X4 ND filter and applied the same proven technology to the graduated neutral density filter, manufactured it with tempered SCHOTT B270® optical glass made in Germany, and the result is the X4 GND – the world’s sharpest and most colour neutral GND, guaranteed.



Night Sky Filters

Light pollution eliminated

Each Night Sky filter delivers incredible starlight definition and true colour neutrality. Each Night Sky filter is weather-sealed in their rugged X4 traction frame and features an incredibly durable MRC16 and nanotec® coatings for easy and fast cleaning.



Filter Holders and Adaptor Rings

X100 with Innovative Snap-Lock 

Breakthrough Photography designed the X100 Holder for easy one-handed operation with a unique and oversized CNC machined Snap-Lock knob. Press the filter holder against the adapter ring and it immediately locks into place with a snap!  That way you can focus on the shot and not the holder every time you detach/reattach to the adapter ring.

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