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Camera and Lens Servicing

camera and lens servicing

Camera and Lens Repair

With over 40 years of working in the photographic industry we are experienced in diagnosing problems. 

Currently seeing problems with:

Nikon D810 Stretched lens mount and body warping

Nikon D750 shutter issues

Nikon 24-70’s & 70-200mm f2.8 zoom mechanism

Canon ef 17-85 - helicoid problems


Due to our extensive all round experience within the industry we include in our Full Diagnostic Checkup the following;


Should your camera or lens be in need in repair after the diagnostic checks we are more than happy to deal with the manufacturer's repair departments to facilitate this and once returned carry out the above checks to ensure you equipment is really operating correctly.

If you require your photographic equipment to be checked and/ or repaired then please book an appointment to drop the item in:

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