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“Brought the best out of my camera gear!”


Having rashly purchased a Nikon D800 off a ‘well known on-line auction site’, I was worried that I had made a big mistake. D800s were notorious for focus issues and I assumed I could have had less of a bargain than I thought. A few moments after Anthony welcomed me into his lovely HQ and I had finished my coffee, my fears were allayed after my camera was linked up to his Macbook Pro and my camera duly pointed at the test image. It seemed like magic but off my camera went shooting images for the Mac which it duly analysed. All along the way Anthony was happily explaining what the magic was doing while accurately predicting how each of my 3 lenses would turn out. Seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images coming up was relieving to say the least as all 3 lenses were duly sorted. The latest breed of high mega-pixel cameras are not only finicky beasts but are all (regardless of brand) in need of matching to lenses to produce of their very best. Or occasionally something even passable… All done and my kit has been well and truly optimised. I cannot recommend Anthony highly enough. Add to that a warm welcome and as much camera talk as you could want! And we all love nattering about cameras, don’t we?

“brilliant service, accommodating and thorough”


Sending away my camera was a bit worrying especially as its such an expensive bit of kit, but I definitely didn’t need to worry. I needed it calibrated and cleaned urgently but working as a self employed full time photographer I didn’t want to not be working for days on end, so Cameracal was a great option. I contacted Anthony and he immediately tried to accommodate all of my needs, camera calibration and sensor cleaning with a quick pick up and delivery. He did far more than was asked and I got a complete rundown on all the work he completed, I couldn’t of asked for more, brilliant service, accommodating and thorough. Thank you

“quite frankly brilliant service”


So over the moon with Anthony and his team’s super fast and quite frankly brilliant service. I contacted VERY LATE on a Saturday night – and collection of my equipment was arranged for the next Tuesday – got my cameras back by Saturday so I didn’t loose out on a shoot! They went over and above and I know I won’t be sending my equipment anywhere else from now on. My cameras were in serious need of some TLC after a really heavy wedding season and these guys couldn’t of done a better job. Thanks so much for everything!!!

“one of the best decisions that I have ever made”


I would just like to say that getting my (extended kit) Canon Eos 7D Mk2 + EF 70-200mm F2.8, EF 24-70mm, EF 100mm F2.8L,2x Extender + 1.4 extender calibrated by Anthony (Cameracal) was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. To start with the Fedex service that he uses was excellent ( safe, fast and efficient ). Then not only did he calibrate the kit, but he also cleaned the sensor of the camera. I also had Aperture Optimisation done on the 70-200mm, 24-70mm and the 1.4 x with 70-200mm, 2 x with 70-200mm. (Nice to know the Sweet spot). Anthony also updated the firmware on the camera for me. All in all the service that he gives is second to none. I never had much joy with the focus on the 1.4 extender. That now has been resolved thanks to Anthony. Just shows the need to get your gear checked for sharp focus. Along with the info that he has supplied me with configuring my 7d mk ii for wildlife photography I now can concentrate on technique and composition to improve my images knowing that the equipment is optimised by the best.I will certainly be letting Cameracal Calibrate any future Camera bodies and lenses that I buy. A Big THANK YOU Anthony

“I cannot imagine anyone knows more than him, in short, he is an expert..!“


It was an ongoing niggle that I was not getting the best from my Nikon bodies and lenses that originally resulted in my spending many hours trying to effectively calibrate my camera gear myself using a well known calibration target system – with mixed results ( I’m sure that these systems work it’s just that they are very time consuming and not that easy to use in my opinion). In my frustration I resorted to a well-known internet search engine to find help. Enter Cameracal ! After a chat with Anthony, I booked an appointment to go down to his offices with 3 camera bodies and a range of lenses. Anthony clearly has a huge amount of photographic knowledge generally. In terms of lens calibration, I cannot imagine anyone knows more than him, in short, he is an expert……and the whole experience is very enjoyable and interesting (although I understand that you can send your kit to him). Having used my kit over the subsequent 3 or 4 months I can confidently say that I can see the benefits. For me,if you’ve invested good money in your camera gear having it calibrated is an absolute ‘ no brainer ‘ as far as I’m concerned. I will be getting another camera body and lenses calibrated very shortly with Anthony. Highly recommended.

“Excellent first class service“


Excellent first class service, Cameracal do exactly what you want & more, nothing is a problem, all of my equipment was returned spotlessly clean, A very efficient first class service that I will be using again & again, cannot recommend Cameracal highly enough.

“CameraCal have transformed my Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-35 mm”


CameraCal have transformed my Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-35 mm. They now take pin-sharp pictures thanks to the expert calibration. Previously auto focus was approximate at best so I’m thrilled with the results. Anthony Sinfield is passionate about the service he provides and he stopped at nothing to get the best out of the equipment. He gave his time generously and made every improvement he possibly could. He also offered to tailor the camera settings, provided a thorough report and sent along some genuinely useful advice pages.

“a true professional with interest in both the equipment and the customer”


Anthony was recommended to me by a good friend who is a professional photographer. I had a severe case of dust on the sensor of my Canon 40D caused by my neglect over the years. I contacted Anthony and duly sent off my camera and lens for cleaning and possible attention to other things I was experiencingAnthony and I communicated via email and was updated accordingly. My camera was returned looking pristine and fully reset and functional as per manufacture. I also received evidence of the tests conducted etc. I am extremely grateful to Anthony for his work and the manner in which he conducts his business, a true professional with interest in both the equipment and the customer. From other testimonials seen I can see that he is well respected in the photographic community and I wholly recommend him to you all. Thank you again Anthony

“he helped me banished the mystery of camera calibration”


Like many photographers with a few years of practise, courses and slowly building up cameras and lenses I like to think of my self to be to a good standard and proficient enough now that I can with comfort take on many photographic shoots, ranging from Wildlife to Sport and Event Photography with comfort. However even after all this time there are still a few settings that I know are there and I should either set them up or make changes that will fine-tune my set up to improve my photography. One setting that I have not been able to achieve correctly is the AF Micro adjustment, I have bought a Focal chart and tried to do this several times myself. But unless you have the software and knowledge to this properly and confidently then it is one area to avoid. I recently met Anthony from Cameracal in one of the hides at Warnham Nature Reserve in Horsham. He who quickly reminded me of the in camera AF Micro adjustment setting and how he could help me with this. He also explained the reason behind these setting and what the outcome would be. I have since had all my lenses checkedon both cameras by Anthony and are pleasantly surprised that I am going to better detailed photographs. What I will say to any photographer is it is no matter what level you are in photography you will always learn new things. Anthony also has provided some other information and great tips and videos again to help me get the best out of my equipment In short I am delighted to have meet up with Anthony from Carmercal, his years of experience and enthusiasm on photography is infectious, not only has he helped me banished the mystery of camera calibration, but I will also know who to ask for more help in the future especially around software editing. Thank you Anthony.

“I am kicking myself for not having been to him before“


Visited Anthony at his superbly equipped premises yesterday. This was the first time I have had my photographic equipment calibrated (certainly not something I would consider doing myself) and I can only say that I am kicking myself for not having been to him before. I use a Nikon D500 with Nikkor lenses, my main two being the 200-500 F5.6 and the 300mm f/4E PF ED VR, to give it its full title. Both of these lenses have performed well for me and the D500 also, but I have been curious to know if the performance could be improved if expertly calibrated. Well, I have my answer, a resounding YES!! Frankly, I am amazed at the improvement in both lenses, and I’m so pleased that I was there to see and hear what Anthony was actually doing during this process. I’m not the quickest at absorbing techy stuff, but he was infinitely patient and thorough in everything he did whilst explaining it all to me. Seeing the work being carried out and the improvement as he progressed things was so worthwhile. In addition I had the sensor cleaned on my D500, I knew it was dirty, but when I saw it through the magnifying equipment, I was shocked! A long overdue and very worthwhile procedure. If you have any doubts about this, forget them and go see him, you will be delighted. Thank you Anthony, you are a gentleman and an expert in your field of work. I’ll be returning with other equipment soon.



I could not believe the kindness, courtesy and generosity shown by Anthony at Cameracal. He went the extra mile to provide incredible service for me. He explained in detail the complex issues regarding my camera lens and bodies to resolve the issues concerned. He has provided a detailed report I can refer back to the manufacturers if need be. He has calibrated my equipment to ensure I can achieve the best possible images from my cameras. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Camercal to other professional and amateur photographers.

“went above and beyond what was required “


Anthony calibrated my 3 lenses to my Canon 5D IV. I visited his office so that I could watch him and learn how he uses the FoCal software. I’m so glad I made the trip as he went above and beyond what was required to help me understand the process. He also spent extra time helping me to configure my settings. Anthony certainly knows his stuff and he was very generous with sharing his knowledge all things camera-related. Ihave no hesitation in recommending Anthony’s calibration service. I will certainly be sharing his details with my photography network

“better than many of the other services on the market”


Lovely spacious office in a nice setting. Made to feel comfortable and welcome on arrival with tea, coffee and biscuits. Very attentive to detail and done with passion and care for your equipment. Very helpful in every sense and a engaging, enlightening experience where you’ll learn as well as get your camera professionally calibrated. Very impressed by the extra care and attention provided in checking the Sensor’s and cleaning them. Highly recommend to anyone that wants a dedicated personal service that is excellent…..better than many of the other services on the market. Thank you and see you again soon! Edward

“Speedy and super affective calibration. No matter the mix of gear.”


Speedy and super affective calibration of my camera body and lenses. Having a mix of brands in my gear, it can be a pain to have it calibrated as I can’t send it all to 1 manufacturer to be looked at but Anthony is able to handle all of them and breathe new life into gear to give me sharpness at wide open apertures that I had previously only been able to achieve stopping down. Having this done gives me reassurance and peace of in when shooting for clients that I will get consistent results and can concentrate more on the subject than the camera. Unfortunately, one of my lenses was far beyond the scope of calibration as it is a bit faulty but even this is reassuring to know as it confirms that it is not just me missing focus every time! Thanks Anthony.

“I was blown away with the sharpness of the lens – superb!!”


I took the Sigma 150-600mm lens you recently calibrated to my 7D MK2 to the wetlands today, and I was blown away with the sharpness of the lens – superb!! I have no hesitation in passing on your name and phone number, you always surpass your level of service

” I noticed the difference immediately.“


After speaking to Anthony on the phone, and receiving lots of advice, I had my kit calibrated at Cameracal ltd. I have to say, I was extremely impressed by his knowledge and service. I noticed the difference immediately. I had 1 body , 4 lenses and 2 converters calibrated. I am much happier with my images now and cannot recommend Anthony and Cameracal enough. His attention to detail is fantastic, he even went through the camera settings for me. He also, explain some settings and better alternatives for me. Once again thank you.

“a massive move forward in the quality of my work “


In July of this year, I travelled down to Cameracal from my home in St Albans with three Canon DSLR cameras and three Canon lenses for sensor cleaning and calibration. On reaching Camercal, I was pleasantly surprised with the great rural location the company is situated. Perfect for a countryside photoshoot or similar. Anthony carried all the work that was needed during the afternoon in the most professional manner and was extremely pleased with the results following my return home. During August I spent over a week working at a Goalkeeping Academy, shooting non-stop action and annual award ceremonies, the results of the images were top quality, I took in excess of 3,000 images at this event. At the beginning of September, several hundred pictures were taken of steam loco engines and other similar modes of transport events. Until I saw the results of my photography following calibration, I didn’t realise that my images could be improved upon, but the results were there for all to see, a massive move forward in the quality of my work. I can thoroughly recommend Cameracal for it’s services and maintenance to my Canon equipment and believe that it is imperative that all Pro and Semi-Pro snappers buy into this service. In closing I have to thank Anthony for his assistance and great inspiration throughout my visit and look forward in returning to Cameracal in the future to further my knowledge in the wonderful world of photography.

“a vast improvement in the quality of the pictures particularly at the 600mm end”


I would like to thank you for the time you took to help with the problem I had. I have since been up to Lakenheath photographing planes and wildlife there with the 7d mk2 and Sigma 150-600 you calibrated. I have noticed a vast improvement in the quality of the pictures particularly at the 600mm end which is much sharper.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”


My two passions in life are travelling and photography and even though my camera equipment is mid range, old now, and not worth that much it means everything to me. After several years of very dusty expeditions, despite my best efforts to keep everything clean, my equipment desperately needed a thorough clean and service so I started searching for someone to do this on the internet. This is when I came across Anthony! After several emails discussing what I needed I bit the bullet and entrusted my equipment to him. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Anthony arranged for a secure courier service to transport my equipment from Devon to Sussex which worked perfectly. He then cleaned all my equipment inside and out, upgraded my firmware and changed some of my settings for me. All the while he kept me updated with emails so I knew what was happening and it was during one of these that I mentioned I really wanted a multipurpose lens that I could leave on whilst travelling. Anthony found out exactly what type of photos I took, what lenses I already had and then recommended the perfect lens to meet my need. After some research I was more than happy to purchase this and Anthony arranged that for me at a very competitive price. I also had an issue with my husbands camera where the screen had stopped working and we thought it would need to be returned to Nikon. I included it in the case that I sent to Anthony on the off chance and within 30 minutes he had resolved the problem and sent me an email to tell me the good news. When everything was complete all my equipment was returned by the same courier to my work and Anthony gave me a couple of days to make sure I was completely happy with everything before sending me his VERY reasonable bill. I was very nervous about sending my precious camera to a complete stranger many miles away but I took the plunge after reading some of his reviews, it was completely the right decision. Anthony couldn’t have done more for me or been more pleasant to do business with and if you are considering using his services I strongly suggest you do I couldn’t recommend him more.

“It just goes to show that camera and lenses are manufactured and sold, still requiring these calibrations and adjustments, from new.”


I recently visited Cameracal to have my DSLR cameras and lenses calibrated. I’d heard of Front and Back Auto Focusing issues, but wasn’t sure what it all meant. Anthony from Cameracal welcomed me with tea and biscuits then set about the job in hand. Something I wasn’t aware of was that Canon have the ability to have two micro-adjustments calibrated at different focal length of lenses. This requires set ups at separate distances from the focus target to be calibrated at both Wide and Telephoto focal lengths. So each of these lens types had to go through the process twice. Anthony ensured that the tests were conducted thoroughly. The software being used by Cameracal was very thorough and is a market leader (FoCal). The process is automated to test your Auto Focus System’s performance and then recommends the level of micro adjustment needed. Each lens, each focal distance, has a report generated that is emailed to you so you have it for future reference. They are very detailed reports. I was amazed at how much micro-adjustment was required on a couple of my lenses – especially with the 2x Extender fitted. It just goes to show that camera and lenses are manufactured and sold, still requiring these calibrations and adjustments, from new. All in all I was very impressed with everything about Cameracal. They have great premises that allow for long lenses too, know their stuff very well, and even consult with the software developers too if there is any doubt in their findings after the visit. Then getting back to me as a follow-up was an added bonus. Is it of value? Well if you want your equipment to be set up correctly so that you get the very best from your Auto Focus system, and want your photos looking sharp, absolutely it’s worth it. Thoroughly recommended.

“There was such a marked difference in the clarity, and definition”


Having purchased a Nikon D500 to upgrade from my D300s, I was eager to attend Anthony’s tutorial on how best to set it up to make the most of its capabilities. During the session, he explained the benefits of calibrating the lens to the camera body to which it was going to be attached. To me it made sense to give the camera as much assistance as I could to obtain good images, especially as my main interest is wildlife. There is no point in having quality equipment if you do not harness its potential to the fullest extent. As a photographer, I would class my abilities as having ‘L’-plates! I duly arranged an appointment. His premises are in a lovely setting in the country at West Chiltington. They have excellent facilities and are very peaceful, well worth a visit. So I packed my D500, and lenses to make the trip for an informal afternoon. Anthony duly performed his calibrations and I explained I was looking forward to the following week when I was going bird-watching with a friend. It was going to be interesting to see what the images would be like. I have to admit my expectations were not that high as I had taken quite a few pictures previously to see what the camera would do I was very pleased with the results. I did not anticipate noticing a big difference. For my birding session I coupled the D500 with a Nikkor 200-500 lens, adding an option of a 1.4 tele-converter. The characteristics of the venue required me to use the lens, with, and without the converter, at full range most of the time, in overcast, dull conditions. After returning home I downloaded the images and reviewed them on my computer. I was absolutely delighted with the results. I was blown away, stunned. There was such a marked difference in the clarity, and definition. The images I had taken could be enlarged so much more and still retain their integrity. I was thrilled and felt that calibrating the lenses had been an excellent decision and well worth the cost, to the extent that I have now done the same for my D300s. Now all I need to do is to calibrate the person behind the camera! Anthony, thank you.

‘The difference in my week old Sigma however was absolutely staggering.“


Anthony is a very professional, friendly and approachable person who I can thoroughly recommend. He has excellent facilities in a rural setting. You should not hesitate to use his services, he is only too willing and able to help, offering true expertise and experience in all his chosen services.Ifor one will be using Anthony on a regular basis. I Recently took my D7100 and lenses to Cameracal for calibration. I had 4 lenses 18-105mm, 300mm, 600mm and a Sigma 105mm macro which I had only had a week but was not getting good results. I went through my requirements for my type of photography with Anthony and left them with him. I have now got them back and trialled them and am very pleased with the results. I wish I’d done it a year ago. The 600mm now focuses properly and produces sharp results at 600mm (and not 450/500mm) letting me get closer to wildlife. Likewise the 300mm enables accurate focusing at full stretch. The difference in my week old Sigma however was absolutely staggering. As a new lens I thought it pointless exercise to get it calibrated so nearly didn’t take it. This was the worst of all the lenses.

” nothing short of outstanding “


I found the service offered by Anthony to be nothing short of outstanding. From initial discussion around what level of package suited my needs through to ensuring my gear had been safely returned, Anthony was fully attentive. I had my Sigma 150-600, Canon 18-135 & Canon 70-300 L series calibrated for my new 80D body. As the 70-300 was several years old it was probably the worst of the 3, but Anthony quickly calibrated all 3 to a superb level. With my main interest motorsport, having my zooms calibrated through the range is important and they seem to be working brilliantly. The collection & delivery service through FedEx isn’t cheap, but is a really easy way of protecting your kit & insuring it during transportation. I hearty recommend this company, and will no doubt use them again. Phil P

“I must say the whole service and experience was first class”


I spent a very interesting couple of hours with Anthony Sinfield of Camercal on Sunday at his premises in West Chiltington.

He has excellent, spacious and air-conditioned facilities which immediately gave me confidence that he was giving a very efficient and professional service.

I had taken three Nikon bodies with three lenses and a TC1.4 converter for calibration. I had been given Anthony’s name by another satisfied customer and decided that it was well worth spending some money in order to get the best results from my kit. I included the new Nikon 300mm f4 VR which I had just purchased just to make sure that it was performing at its best. The lens testing process was very thorough and whilst Anthony ran the test programme for each camera/lens combination, I was able to watch the whole process on a large flat screen TV. I was somewhat surprised that even the new 300mm lens needed plus 5 on the fine focus tuning and I can see the difference it has made! Similar improvements are noticeable on my other lenses. Anthony also gave me some interesting tips on autofocusing settings as well as getting the best results from Jpeg when not shooting Raw.

Whilst at the workshop, I did enjoy a fine cafertiere of coffee and chocolate biscuits which was a very nice touch.

Since Sunday I have received very extensive reports on everything that was done and have noted the “sweet spot” on the lenses and also were defraction starts to kick in.

I must say the whole service and experience was first class and I have no hesitation in recommending his services which represent good value for money!

“The focus is now much more accurate “


It was great to talk to someone which such an extensive knowledge of my camera and other photographic equipment. My camera works so much better now it has been setup with my lens collection. The focus is now much more accurate and I also came away with so many tips on how to use my equipment to get better and more reliable results, I would recommend Cameracal to all photographers, both amateur and professional and will be back with my other camera body soon.

It’s Cameracal all the way with your 10/10 level of customer service and attention to detail, why choose anybody else.


I cannot thank Cameracal enough for delivering an outstanding service…

Your attention to detail with my three products were amazing, I cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile to try and resolve a major calibration issue with my Canon 70-200mm f2.8. I cannot think of another company who would have tried this hard to resolve a fault.

I know who I will be promoting for now on…. It’s Cameracal all the way with your 10/10 level of customer service and attention to detail, why choose anybody else.

Thanks once again, my 50mm f1.4 is as sharp as a tack and Canon EOS 6D is clean and up to date..

Good luck for the future and hope to be back soon with some more lenses…

“My lenses now do produce the ultimate sharpness!”

Rene de Heer

I am a semi pro nature photographer and till last week I thought that my lenses and cameras didn’t need any form of calibration. How wrong I was! I took my equipment to Cameracal and after the excellent calibration work by Anthony,

My lenses now do produce the ultimate sharpness! I can highly recommend the services from Cameracal. Professional and reasonably priced! Excellent!

I am please to report this has now been completed, with amazing results.


Back in November 2015, I upgraded to a Sigma 300mm f2.8 to try and improve the quality of my wildlife photo’s. So you can imagine my disappointment, the photos were soft to say the least out of focus to be more honest.

After the last trip!!!! i needed to get something sorted, after spending out on a quality lens!!!!!!

After consulting with Anthony at Camercal we concluded that my lens required the Auto Focus to be calibrated.

I am please to report this has now been completed, with amazing results.

“very professional but also a competitive priced service “


Antony at Cameracal re-calibrated three of my Canon lenses to my 5D Mk II yesterday. I can say that this was a refreshing to receive not just very professional but also a competitive priced service. The attention to detail was excellent. Antony took the time to explain what was happening and the corrective measures necessary as he went along and took time to set the camera to my personal preferences too. The lenses now view as they were intended thanks to Cameracal’s excellent service.

“produced excellent results when set to auto-focus”


I first became aware of lens focus calibration from the October 2015 newsletter of the well known nature photographer, George McCarthy, which drew attention to a problem that one of his clients experienced on a field trip with a brand-new 500mm lens where the subject was found to be consistently out of focus due to back-focusing. Following this George had his own lenses calibrated and most of these were found to be out of calibration to various degrees.

I discussed this matter with a friend and we both thought it was worthwhile to have our own lenses checked and calibrated, although neither of us were aware of any particular problems with auto-focusing on any of our lenses. I was made aware that Anthony, a highly regarded tutor at the biggest photographic retailer in the south east, carried out lens calibration and contacted him and arranged an appointment in January 2016.

Each lens took about 30 minutes to test on my Nikon D800 body. A detailed test report was produced for each lens indicating the sharpness that could be expected over a range of apertures. As expected, sharpness dropped away close to and at minimum aperture. It was interesting to note that my recently purchased Nikon 24-70mm and 80-400mm lenses were both out of calibration to a small degree.

My friend and I were interested to see our lenses tested and calibrated and a recent visit to the Arundel Wetlands showed the lenses we used produced excellent results when set to auto-focus.

"the difference is quite incredible."


Thanks very much for “tweaking” my camera for supreme optimisation on Saturday. I have taken a few shots since with the 100mm and the 100-400mm and the difference is quite incredible.

“I have noticed a big improvement on the sharpness of my images “


After recently purchasing a second-hand lens for wildlife photography I was getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of sharpness of many of my images.

I repeatedly questioned my own technique but was running out of ideas and was on the verge of returning the lens, when someone recommended giving Anthony a call at Cameracal and perform a lens calibration check.

What a difference it has made. I have noticed a big improvement on the sharpness of my images; this is especially true with long focal lengths at relatively short distances when every ‘mm’ matter. I just have to improve my technique now.

Many thanks.


“Highly professional, cost effective camera calibration service “


I have recently used Cameracal to calibrate a newly purchased Nikon D500 and two lenses; 24-70mm and 80-400mm. I visited Cameracal at their West Chiltington offices (although they also offer a Fedex service). The service was highly professional and friendly. Having been greeted with coffee and biscuits, owner Anthony Sinfield set up the calibration tests and talked me though each step of the process. He took a great deal of trouble to explain the results and how to make the AFMA adjustments in the camera. I received a full set of the test results and calibration data. Since calibration, I have seen significant improvement in my images. Excellent service from Cameracal. I can’t recommend this company highly enough and will definitely use them again for other services.

"The difference in my images is clear to see, I only wish I had done this sooner!"


I am so thankful I found Cameracal when I did…As a professional photographer I need my images to be sharp and cameras running at their best. I had some major focusing issues which were seriously affecting my work. Anthony was able to fit me in with 24 hours notice to re-calibrate 2 bodies and 4 lenses at super speed between weddings (with some sensor cleaning and firmware updates as well). Anthony’s service went above and beyond what I was expecting, being very generous with his time offering additional advice and support. The difference in my images is clear to see, I only wish I had done this sooner. I recommend him greatly…if you are serious about your photography, calibrating your lenses is something you should be doing as a matter of urgency.

Thank you Anthony, I will certainly be using your services again 

“also given me invaluable advice and guidance on my camera settings and functionality “


Having recently upgraded my camera to a Canon EOS 7D mk11 I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality and sharpness of my photos. I spoke to a fellow photographer friend of mine who recommended giving Anthony at Cameracal a call. I finally plucked up the courage to phone him and discuss the problems that I was having, agreeing to pay a visit to him at his premises to discuss and sort out my issues. Anthony greeted me with tea and chocolate biscuits before getting down to sorting out the camera and three lenses that i had brought for him to look at. One thing that I was not aware of was that Canon have the ability to have two micro-adjustments at different focal length of lens. This meant that the lenses had to be micro-adjusted at both Wide and Telephoto focal lengths meaning that they had to go through the process twice. Anthony took this all in his stride and ensured that the tests were conducted thoroughly and professionally.

Not only has he calibrated my camera and the 3 lenses but he has also given me invaluable advice and guidance on my camera settings and functionality and boosted my confidence at the same time. In addition he followed up with a Dropbox file absolutely crammed with information about what tests were undertaken and photographs of before and after the process. I have already noticed the vast improvement to the sharpness of my images.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Anthony and Cameracal to anyone who is having issues with their cameras.”

"we cannot thank you enough."

Mike and Sue

Hi Anthony, Both Sue and I would like to thank you for all your advice and expertise in helping Sue choose a camera and for calibrating my Nikon D7100 and new Sigma lens.

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Namibia and have some wonderful photographs of our adventure. Your expertise was a contributing factor to the quality of the photographs, so we cannot thank you enough.

I am very pleased with the results


Anthony has calibrated an extensive list of lenses to a couple of cameras for me. He provided a quick and professional service and I am very pleased with the results – most needed calibrating and I now have comfort in the knowledge that all my cameras and lenses will perform to their optimum – now I can only blame user error for unsharp images.

“a secure and super swift collection and return by FedEx”


Anthony was recommended to me by several people on a photography forum. I had one lens in particular (24-70mm) that never quite lived up to expectation and consequently spent a lot of time in my camera bag. I’d looked into doing the calibration myself but felt I would probably do more harm than good! Anthony was so helpful; talking me through what he was going to do and what would best suit me and my style of photography. His attention to detail is amazing and I am more than pleased with the results. It was so nice to be dealing with a person rather than a faceless company and added to which, he provided a secure and super swift collection and return by FedEx of my kit.

"At last I have found someone who is transforming my photography.”


How fortunate I have been to meet Anthony from Cameracal. Not only has Anthony calibrated 2 cameras with 4 lenses but has also given me invaluable advice, tips and guidance on my camera settings and functionality. I can highly recommend Anthony who has been extremely patient, helpful and followed up with access to comprehensive notes and videos. At last I have found someone who is transforming my photography.”

"I was totally unaware of the need and importance lens focus calibration"


Until recently, I was totally unaware of the need and importance lens focus calibration. As a keen amateur photographer I have taken various genres and found many of the images to be soft focussed or out of focus. It was not until, whilst on a recent photography course, the tutor explained in great detail the positive and negative consequences of not having your lenses calibrated.
In a nutshell, all lenses, whether brand new or used, need to be calibrated to each camera in order to achieve accurate focusing and sharp images. Fortunately the tutor recommended Cameracal, a professional company who specialise in this. Without hesitation I made an appointment to have all my lenses calibrated to the newly acquired Canon EOS 7D Mark II.
From the outset of the appointment, it was evident the professionalism and quality of service Cameracal were offering was second-to-none. Their depth-of -knowledge and attention to detail were outstanding. Anthony also provided significant advice and guidance during the appointment in regards to adding to my camera equipment. It transpired all my lenses and the extender required calibrating.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and CameraCal to all.

“I was surprised how much adjustment brand new equipment required!”


I recently invested in two new bodies and lenses and was keen to ensure that I would be able to get the very best results from my new kit. I was aware of intolerances with auto focus resulting in images appearing soft.

Anthony calibrated my camera, lenses and extender. I was surprised how much adjustment brand new equipment required!

Anthony went to great lengths to ensure that my kit was perfectly calibrated. He shares his extensive knowledge clearly and patiently. He has given me the confidence to use my equipment in the knowledge that it will be performing to its optimum.

I would thoroughly recommend Anthony and CameraCal.

"I saw the image improvements and am convinced this tool is well worth using"


I recently heard about a clever piece of software that could accurately calibrate a specific lens to a camera body. The advantage being that a higher resolution image could be achieved across all apertures.

I decided that as I spend a significant amount of money on travelling to great locations each year then this would make sense.

Anthony calibrated my 100-400 lens to my 2 Canon camera bodies and the graphs showed the areas of improvement.

I saw the image improvements and am convinced this tool is well worth using and I believe additional modules are soon to become available.