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Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates For Cameras and Lenses


camera firmware upgrade


In addition to camera and lens calibration we are also able to check that your camera is running the latest firmware or operating system.

Manufactures periodically provide updates to their camera models fixing known problems and often including improvements to systems such as autofocus, exposure etc.

Firmware updates are however rarely published, users must check with the manufactures websites on a regular basis and download and install themselves.

We are able to offer this facility for a small additional fee and thus ensure your camera is running the latest version.

Please note in order for this to be undertaken we require the camera to be supplied with a fully charged battery.

Firmware upgrade charge - £15.00 per camera / lens.

Should you wish for notification when new firmware is published for the equipment you have then simply use the contact form and indicate your model and make of camera / lens.

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