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Free Sensor Diagnosis - Does Your Sensor Need Cleaning?

Free camera sensor diagnosis



With current Covid19 restrictions we are offering a free diagnosis service for your sensor. Let us look at your sensor remotely to see if it needs cleaning!

Simply follow the steps below to send us a test image via Live Chat and we will email you our findings within 2 working days.

  • Set your camera to Aperture Priority Mode
  • Set the camera to the lowest ISO for example ISO 100.
  • Turn off Auto ISO and autofocus.
  • Set your lens to manual focus and the aperture to F16 (crop sensor) or F22 (Full frame) 
  • Then simply take a shot of a reasonably well-lit piece of plain white paper making sure you fill the frame.
  • Lastly upload the image via Live Chat along with your email address and we will send you our findings.
ND: Live Chat upload is limited to 10mb files.