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Hire A Lens Then Calibrate!

Hiring a Lens

With the considerable cost of specialist lenses many photographers  opt to  hire a lens for a specific shoot or photographic trip. Unfortunately most do not realise that to get the optimum  performance from the lens it needs to be calibrated to the camera body. That’s assuming that the lens has not received any  knocks and bumps during previous hires that might put a lens element out of alignment.

Question : Do you believe that camera and lens hire companies……..

a – Test all equipment after each hire?

b – Only give a visual check for damage?

c – Only check equipment if previous customer mentions a problem?

Even if the equipment is completely undamaged it will still need calibrating to your camera to obtain optimum performance. Cameras and lenses have become increasingly sophisticated and slight variances in production mean that every camera and lens will be slightly different and calibration fine tunes the camera and lens to optimise performance as a pair. Add a lens to your kit and it will need that fine tuning. Surprisingly often a lens needs a lot more than a fine tune even when straight out of the box!


So if in planning your photographic adventure or important shoot you need to hire a lens make sure you build in enough time to have the lens calibrated to your camera body.