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Image Diagnostic Service for Collision Investigators

The Image Diagnosis service is available to members of the ITAI who have concerns regarding the authenticity of images presented to them.  We offer a diagnostic service to identify whether an image(s) has been doctored or altered, as well as the various settings used when the image was taken.


From this image we were able to detect cloning of the thumb print area.  We were also able to look at the metadata which details when the image was taken, when it was edited and the software used.

We will then provide a written advisory report detailing the authenticity of the image(s), what editing has occurred, what settings were used,  whether they will impact on the image and what is being portrayed. To use this service please contact us on 01798 306599 or email us below.

Image Diagnosis costs £50 for the first image
£15 for any additional images 
Advisory Reports costs £30