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Our newsletter is available to view online or download and read as a PDF. 

Our bi-monthly newsletter is full of information from the world of photography including editorials, expert feature articles, competitions and up-coming events!

Cameracal Newsletter - August 2021

 August Edition 

  • Editorial
  • Latest training courses posted
  • Understanding histograms
  • New Nitecore products 
  • Mirror box and sensor chamber contamination prevention

 June Edition 

  • Editorial
  • Latest training courses posted
  • How circular polarisers work
  • Who is Mark Pattenden
  • Canon error codes

 April Edition 

  • Editorial
  • Canon Battery Hack
  • Importance of UV filters
  • Astrophotography
  • Accessing and using bracketing on a Nikon

 February Edition 

  • Editorial
  • Dust, it's a problem!
  • De-mystifying the world of infra-red filters
  • The Photography and Video Show
  • New free sensor contamination detection service