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Things To Check Before Lens Calibation

Before going to the expense of having your camera and lens calibrated it is work checking a few things just to make sure....

It is easy to blame the equipment for not producing the quality of images and just as easy to blame the photographer. However a few simple checks can really help to narrow down the cause of consistently poor quality images.


Correct use of focus point:

 You as the user are selecting and placing the focus point over your chosen subject, as opposed to the camera choosing its own focus point(s) and perhaps focusing on a closer subject.


Correct use of shutter speed and lens for the subject:

It may seem obvious but lack of sharpness can be  sometimes be attributed to camera shake.


Use of a filter:

 We certainly recommend using filters, especially protective filters. However the optical quality of the glass used in the filter has to match the optical quality of the glass it is used in the lens.

This is a common problem and a cheaper / lower quality filter can often induce a front / back focus issue and soften the image. (Please note front / back focus issues can be dealt with by the calibration process, loss of sharpness caused by poor quality glass cannot).


Images are consistently being recorded at the widest extreme of the lenses capability:

The widest aperture of any lens is extremely unlikely to be the optimum aperture for sharp focus. The so called sweet spot of a lens (the aperture where the lens performs best)  can be determined over much use or by undertaking a “Lens Optimisation test).

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