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Camera Sensor Cleaning
Sensor Cleaning Service
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Camera Sensor Cleaning

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The Most Comprehensive And Thorough Sensor Cleaning Service Available In The UK

Due to the delicate nature of camera sensors it is almost certain at some point it will be necessary for you to have your sensor cleaned. A simple lens change will almost certainly cause you to introduce some dust and pollutants into the camera chamber. As a result a percentage will adhere to the sensor's surface. This can build up with the frequency of lens changing.

At CameraCal we are confident that we provide the most comprehensive and thorough camera sensor cleaning service available in the UK. Here are our reasons why: 

Our Camera Sensor Cleaning Service

We use only the best tools when performing sensor cleans be it dry cleaning, wet cleaning products. Your camera is cleaned in a filtered air cabinet (cabinet contains heppa filters). These tools have been selected as a result of many years of testing / using different products.

1. We start by producing a Pre-Clean Test image to ascertain the degree of contamination present.
2. This is followed by cleaning of the mirror box (preventive medicine)
3. We then inspect and clean the sensor chamber, removing any debris that may be present.
4. We inspect the sensor glass using a powerful sensor loupe.
5. This is followed by a dry clean of the sensor chamber using a filter air blower we dislodge / eradicate any free-floating dust / contaminant present.
6. We further inspect the sensor and if salt / sand granules are found these are delicately removed using a specialist dry tool. (This is particularly important as failure to do this will result in scratching of the sensor glass when a wet clean is performed).
7. Further inspection is then undertaken using the dedicated sensor loupe.
8. A test shot is taken to determine if the sensor is clean.
9. A wet clean is undertaken using swabs and the appropriate cleaning fluids (please note swabs are not re-used, once a swab has been used it is discarded).
10. Further inspection of the sensor is undertaken and if required a further wet clean is undertaken (note we may use a combination of different fluids depending on the contaminate present).
11. Once the sensor has been cleaned and all contaminate / drying marks eliminated we then test fire the shutter several times, this action ensures that no further debris is transferred from the shutter box to the sensor chamber area.
12. The sensor is inspected once again and if clean we conduct record a Dust Delete data (Canon) / Dust Off Reference shot in camera. This is a reference shot that is stored within the camera and enables any future contamination to be eradicated as a batch process automatically by way of the camera software (Canon’s Digital Professional Pro / Nikon’s NX-D software). Instructions are provided on how to perform this.
13. Once this has been performed, we record a Post Sensor clean shot as evidence the sensor is now clean of contaminate.
14. A full report is provided (in the form of a pdf) as to the procedure above (stating the above protocols have been undertaken, number of swabs used etc) and also any advisory / problems found as in scratches or any marks found.
15. We also provide a user guide which describes best practise going forward to prevent further problems (pdf form).

Sensor Cleaning Service Customer Report 

  • Sensor Checked for Scratches / Marks
  • Sensor Checked for Scratches / Marks
  • Dry Clean Undertaken
  • Wet Clean Undertaken
  • Number of Swabs Used
  • Sensor Chamber Inspected / Cleaned
  • Mirror Box Inspected / Cleaned F
  • Focus Screen Area Checked / Cleaned
  • Dust Verification Reference Created

A minimum of three different swabs during each sensor clean.

We often use different types of sensor cleaning fluid each specific to the the type of contamination present, all having previously been tested to guarantee smear/ steak free results.

Please note in order for this to be undertaken we require the camera to be supplied with a fully charged battery.
Sensor cleaning will only be undertaken by Cameracal under the proviso that the customer has not attempted to clean their sensor before. Any evidence of previous attempts of cleaning or prior damage and the sensor clean will not be performed until discussed with the customer. This is likely to delay the service and may result in the return of the equipment without having the sensor cleaned. 

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