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Training On Location - Light Trails

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This workshop will be a great opportunity to really get to grips with long exposures.

Details and Dates will be announced within the next few weeks before the clocks back! 


This workshop is set in and around the beautiful British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield. The location provides a wonderful backdrop for you to develop your photographic skills and provides an opportunity to capture images of a wonderful array of British species, whilst having a tutor on hand to give advice and guidance.

We will have exclusive access to the centre and to the animals in their cages and pens.  With a keeper you will be going into the pens and cages, so  very much up close. These include  foxes, red squirrels, Scottish wildcats, otters, harvest mice, polecats, stoats, weasels, mink, as well as deer!

What The Training Will Cover

  • We start by having a short tutorial on ensuring your camera is set up correctly and outlining the settings to use. 
  • We then provide some suggested images to capture and how. 
  • Use of High ISO’s to capture fast moving animals
  • Getting off of Auto and Program modes and using Aperture Priority and Manual modes

Whilst you are capturing images we will be on hand to offer advice, guidance and help.

We will discuss some approaches to editing the images later in the comfort of your home

Start time and where to meet

The workshops will start and 10am and finish at 3.30pm. Meeting point is the ticket office at the British Wildlife Centre

British Wildlife Centre

Newchapel, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6LF

Directions to the British Wildlife Centre (RH7 6LF)

As you may know, photography inside some of the enclosures forms a major part of the day, but access inside any enclosure is solely at the discretion of the keepers. The welfare interests of the animals and the health and safety of all individuals is paramount. Photographers must always follow the instructions of our keepers. The animals are wild and may bite or scratch, so you and your clients enter enclosures at their own risk. No one is to attempt to touch or feed any animals. Your should be aware of the risk of infection from the animals (zoonosis) and are advised to wash their hands after each enclosure session. You and your clients must always minimise any disruption to the animals and their enclosures and are not to leave any unattended equipment or belongings in the enclosures.

Cost of the workshop

The workshop costs £150 (Winter season) £179 (Summer season . We will provide a helpful guide covering the necessary settings to use for taking wildlife shots, HDR images, etc . Teas and coffees are available on arrival and during a mid workshop break.

If you have any queries please contact us on: 01798 306599 or email: